Professorship in Neuromorphic Computing Systems

Mike Denham M.Denham at plymouth.ac.uk
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Professorship in Neuromorphic Computing Systems

University of Plymouth, UK

The University of Plymouth is currently seeking to make new Professorial appointments in the Computing discipline within the Faculty of Technology. Outstanding candidates are sought in a number of specialist areas, and candidates whose specialist expertise is in neuromorphic computing systems, in particular in vision, audition or sensory-motor systems, are hereby invited to apply. Such candidates will be encouraged to work closely with other research groups in the Faculty, including the newly established Centre for Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience (see below for further details of this research Centre). 
Appointees will also be expected to contribute to the development of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in computing within the Faculty of Technology, and to provide research leadership in their area.  Candidates must have a substantial record of successful research and teaching experience, a strong publication record, and evidence of success in the acquisition of research grants. The University has also reserved certain specific Lectureships which will be associated with these positions and used to support research growth in the appointees' specialist areas.

Potential applicants should initially contact, by email, Professor Mike Denham (mdenham at plymouth.ac.uk) in order to discuss their application. In this respect, it would be helpful if a brief curriculum vitae and an indication of research interests could be included with the initial email.

Centre for Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience, University of Plymouth, UK
This newly-established Centre specialises in the application of rigorous, quantitative approaches, including mathematical and computational modelling and psychophysics, to understanding information coding, processing, storage and transmission in the brain and its manifestation in perception and action. Areas of study include: visual and auditory perception and psychophysics; sensory-motor control, in particular oculomotor control; and mathematical and computational modelling of the cortical neural circuitry underlying perception, attention, learning and memory, and motor control. Academic staff in the Centre are: Prof Jochen Braun (vision); Dr Susan Denham (audition); Prof Chris Harris (sensory-motor control); Prof Roman Borisyuk (mathematical and computational modelling); Prof Mike Denham (mathematical and computational modelling). The Centre has a number of externally-funded research programmes and strong international links, including with the Institute of Neuroinformatics at ETH, Zurich, and the Koch laboratory at Caltech. It has a strong interest and is currently active in collaborating with researchers in the neuromorphic systems area, in particular in the implementation of the computational principles and models of neural processing it is investigating within artificial systems, in particular in vision, audition and sensory-motor systems.

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