pClamp on Linux, Almost

C S Miller doctor_clyde at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 5 20:51:01 EST 2003


I am trying something that may or may not have been done before and
would like some help. I have installed SuSE Linux 8.1 on a 2.4 GHz
Dell with 1 GB RAM and 80 GB disc space. Using VMWare, I have created
a virtual machine (VM) on this with a 15 GB virtual drive and 512 MB
RAM on which I have installed Windows 2000 so I can run Axon
Instruments software, which is (Alas!) the standard used in the lab at
which I have just begun a post-doc. The goal is to run a Digidata
1322A using pClamp 9.0.

So far, I have successfully managed to get everything working, EXCEPT
that I can't seem to record even a simple voltage signal in pClamp
9.0. Everything on the virtual machine looks normal except that
instead of the AdvanSys driver for the PCI SCSI adapter, the BusLogic
adapter is installed. Unfortunately, it seems like I have no choice
with VMWare, even though I tried copying the Win2K driver for the PCI
SCSI card into the C:\WINNT\system32\drivers directory. (I can't just
install it normally: either I have the Digidata turned on at boot-up,
so I can start with the SCSI device connected OR I have it off, in
which case, I can't get it to see the Digidata OR the card for which I
need (?) to install the driver.) Nice Catch-22, eh?

One simple question: is there some way to replace the BusLogic driver
with the correct one in VMWare? (And does it really matter? I don't
think AdvanSys cards are necessarily non-standard.)

Or is there something going wrong in the pClamp software itself? Every
time I fire up my recording protocol, it immediately shuts down with
the log message: "No data was recorded and the empty data file
blah-blah.abf has been deleted." Might there be something simple I am
overlooking that could cause this? The software, after all, does
successfully detect, configure, and calibrate the Digidata through the
same SCSI card as it should be collecting the data through. (According
to the slim troubleshooting guide, my ability to calibrate the
digitizer means that it is correctly installed!)

If anyone thinks this problem is within his/her grasp, please write
me. I will send more details if you want.


C S Miller

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