pClamp on Linux, Almost

Philippe Coulon coulon at uni-duesseldorf.-remove-de
Thu Feb 6 07:37:00 EST 2003

Hello C S!

C S Miller wrote:

> One simple question: is there some way to replace the BusLogic
> driver with the correct one in VMWare? (And does it really
> matter? I don't think AdvanSys cards are necessarily
> non-standard.)

I think it does not matter. It should work fine. See below.

> Or is there something going wrong in the pClamp software
> itself? Every time I fire up my recording protocol, it
> immediately shuts down with the log message: "No data was
> recorded and the empty data file blah-blah.abf has been
> deleted." Might there be something simple I am overlooking
> that could cause this?

Could it be that you are not triggering? To check change
aquisition mode to "gap-free" ("Aquire" -> "Edit Prot.") and make
sure that "start trial with" in "trigger" is set to "immediate".
If it doesn´t work, you could call Ward from Axon Instruments. I
don´t think it´s a problem with your VM since calibration works
fine... If I can be of any more help send me an e-mail (don´t
forget to manually remove "-remove-").

Greetz Phil

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