Do Dendrites connect to other dendrites

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>I'm new to this field so I may be asking a silly question but
>1). Do Dendrites connect to other dendrites.
>2). If a dendrites connects to a cell near the axon of a cell does it
>get a summed output of  the neuron.
>3). Can dendrites connect to the myelin sheath of axons
>Many thanks
>James Gale
>e-mail : euphoriahardhouse at yahoo.co.uk

1) Synapses can form between two dendrites,between
two axons, from axon to dendrite, from dendrite to
axon.  Synapses can form complex clusters, A on B
and B back on A; A on B and B on C and C on both
A and B, etc.

2) I don't really understand your question.  What do you
mean by "it"?  What do you mean by a "summed output"?
If the dendrite is near an electrically excitable portion of a
cell, it will certainly "see" an electrotonically conducted
fraction of the action potential.

3) No, a synapse cannot form on myelin.

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