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Scientists of Very Small Draw Disciplines Together


February 10, 2003

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 7 - Nanotechnology, biotechnology, electronics and 
brain research are converging into a new field of science vital to the
nation's security and economic clout.

Or so say influential research agenda-setters like the National Science 
Foundation, along with a loose-knit group of government, academic and
industry researchers who are trying to accelerate the convergence process.

"Leading scientists are stepping forward and saying, `We don't have 
departments organized for this, but this is what's hot,' " said Philip J. 
Keukes, chief architect for quantum science research at Hewlett-Packard 


Experts in cognition - which includes the way the brain processes the 
sensory data it receives from the nervous system and from proteins or
other compounds in the blood - have also been invited into the fold. 
Their inclusion has focused the NBIC on technology applications that 
could improve human health or even advance human performance in areas 
like memory, mood control or the ability to communicate with machines.


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