Help please

Wwynlmrsh wwynlmrsh at aol.com
Thu Feb 13 17:47:37 EST 2003

I consider myself a very health conscious person who eats a balanced diet and
takes regular excercise. for over a year now on and off i get long periods
(2weeks plus) where i feel weak and irritable and downright awful; up to the
point of becoming very distressed about the situation.  

I have been diagnosed with hemiplegic migraine's which have been quite regular

2day i felt really poorly, weakness is the main symptom followed by light
headedness and extreme irritability.  I had to excuse myself and ran to the
bakers and bought 3 of the most chocolate covered buns i could find. then i
proceeded to stuff myself gradually feeling a little better but no major cure,
i still feel terrible.. Please HELP..

My doctor has examined me --> BP very high; took some blood tests which all
came back normal, BP levelled out; and doctor told me stop worrying 'im fit as
a fiddle'.  However, I know i'm not... I've started feeling that my speech is
becoming affected and worry that i'm not going to get my words out correctly..
(this is not normal surely)???  Could it be linked to the migraine in any
way or is there another problem???...  

I would be very grateful for any guidance, help, anything.. Wayne... 

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