Cerebral Hemmorrhage

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Sat Feb 15 20:24:55 EST 2003

Hello. Where is your mother now? Is she at home, in an acute care
hospital, a physical rehabilitation hospital or nursing home? It
sounds as if there MIGHT have been another cerebrovascular "event,"
especially since she did have some limited function for quite some
time after the hemorrhage and has suddenly taken a turn for the worse.
After her hemorrhage in September, did she have physical therapy and
speech therapy? The amount of improvement that can take place after a
stroke, whether ischemic or hemorrhagic, can depend on the extent of
damage as well as the location of the damage (i.e., the parts of the
brain that were affected by the stroke). Do you know about the extent
and/or location of the stroke? Has she had follow-up diagnostic
imaging (CT scans, MRI, etc.) in recent days, especially since you
noticed the turn for the worse? I urge you to contact a neurologist.
If she has not had another stroke, and if and when her condition is
stabilized, I think you should speak with her neurologist about
admitting your mother to a rehabilitation hospital.

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