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Wed Feb 19 21:47:41 EST 2003

                   I CRAVE YOUR INDULGENCE

My Dear,

Your first reaction to this mail will be total rejection, scare and may be unbelief,owing largely to the attrocities people commit these days.  But this mail comes from a devastated,sorrowful and emotional ladened soul that needs compassion from a kind and good spirited person to wipe away my tears, perhaps when I am gone beyound this sinful world.

I do not want this issue to be treated as an international subject, therefore,with due respect and apology,I want you to handle it very descreetly, confidentially and with utmost secrecy.For the sake of
my children,who are the cardinal focus of this mail; for their future survival and to avoid embarrassment,I do not want our family name to be advertised or publicly discussed. Please, treat it as such and keep
it permanently private. If you would not be in the position to co-operate, please, forgive me for disturbing your peace. Ignore and delete this message. 

I plead in the name of God.

My purpose of writing to you is to seek your assistance to handle and manage my late husband's financial assets and take adequate care of our young children,Duncan,12years and Jennifer, 8years. They are both studying in the British International School, Lome,Togo. My name is Mrs.Helen L. Hantger. I am an American, a widow of circumstance, married to a Swedish Engineer and business tycoon. My husband died in a plane crash while travelling to London to diagnose and seek medical attention for a sickness that defied medical treatment.

Presently, I am diagnosed to have a third degree HIV virus and therefore suffering a terminal sickness of ACQURIED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROMME - AIDS -. I may die any moment but wish you to assist in keeping the family name and circle alive. This mail is written for me by the matron of this hospital as I am too weak to engage in any other physical endeavors. Documented proofs for confirmation, on request, could be provided. 

I have entrusted the sum of US$20,000,000.00 (Twenty Million Dollars), the accrued savings and life insurance gratuity of my late husband, in the custody of Safety Security & Finance Trust Company in Lome, Togo. Be informed that this company and the lawyer does not know that the box I deposited with the Safety Security & Finance Trust Company contained raw cash. I only told them that it was personal belongings. It is handled by a Lawyer. See contacts below. 

I want you to liase with the Lawyer and recover the money for your prudent care, management and safe keeping. Use it to secure travelling papers for my children to leave Lome,Togo and train them as your adopted children. I place no conditions on your management except taking good care of my children.

At the moment and till I die, my correspondence with you will be through this e-mail.I may have the opportunity to speak with you while on my sick bed. You should contact the Lawyer to do the change of
ownership from my name into your name and identity to enable you collect the money from the Finance and Trust Company in Lome,Togo. This is the only condition that will give you the right of ownership and full beneficiary status. I want this transaction to be handled with dispatch before I give up the ghost.

I will appreciate it the more if you give me your reply no matter your state of mind, negatively or positively, it is alright. Please, reply on: mrs.hantger at netzero.com Thanks and God bless.

Mrs. Helen L. Hantger. 
C.H.U Hospital,
Lome, Togo.


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