serious research in OOBE and lucid dreams??

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Fri Feb 21 01:46:26 EST 2003

"Hans Blom" <j.a.blom at ele.tue.nl> wrote in message
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> bamsefar wrote:
> >
> > Is there anybody out there who knows
> > where I can find serious reseach material
> > about lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences?
> >
> > sincerely
> > jakob
> http://www.lucidity.com/novadreamer.html
> http://lucidity.com/
> Hans

No, but I had a OOBE when I was about 15.

Other than how intensely aware I was during it, how pleasant it was, and
that my transition out-off it (or 'back in' again seemingly from beside my
bed on the same plane) happened so smoothly with me being intensely alert
both whilst I experieced myself being out and in, the most significant thing
about it was how physically invigourated I felt for days or weeks


("bamsefar" looks like it is borrowed from a Swedish children's fairytale
involving a "daddybear"! :-?)

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