Justifying "Hibernation" as more than a neuropsychobiological metaphor for repressed feelings caused by traumatic situations.

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| > Hi, Peter. How does your stuff differ from run of the mill
| > "depression"?
| >
| > ken
| Hi Ken,
| Close but not quite! :-)
| It _is_ a way of looking, primarily, at _repression_ (not
depression) from a
| somewhat different angle and seeing it in a more
| explanatory (philosophical/terminological) context.
| Not "depression", since the best [IMO] use for this word is to
| specifically to 'psychoemotionally down' states and NOT to
| 'psychoemotionally up' (or manic) states EVEN THOUGH they are at
| opposite ends of the same 'evolved functional scale' of
| repression in action.
| When I write "depression" I do so in a sense clearly opposed to
creative and
| constructive or crazy and chaos-generating "mania".
| To me depression (in the sense of being 'psychoemotionally down')
is a
| serotonin and dopamin depleted symptom of being 'thus stuck' (so to

I agree that it's good to recognize that there's a continuum
inherent, that it's good to connote the extremes distinctly,
including their behavioral and affective qualitative distinctions,
but it's also god to keep tract of the continuum, and the "inversion"
that occurs at its 'midpoint'. In AoK, this's what I do in Ap4,
referring to the continuum inherent as the "continuum of relative
familiarities", and pinning down the qualities of behavior and
affect, at every 'point' along the continuum, in terms of relative TD
E/I 'velocity'. Because TD E/I constitutes a quantitative 3-D
mapping, doing it in this way simultaneously pins down neural
activation everywhere within a nervous system in terms of 'momentary'
locus upon the "continuum of relative familiarities", which is
extremely-useful because it makes possible the rigorous
cross-correlation of myriad discrete experimental results, all
relative to the one, TD E/I measure, and, simultaneously, just as
rigorously with respect to easyily-quantifiable "relative
familiarity". In AoK, these things are discussed at a higher 'level'
in Ap7 & 8.

| Usually mainly as a result of the kind (and variety) of adverse
| and the corresponding category of memories that are normally
| and unavoidably as if "conditioned in" by these experiences,
| neurological reflexes (acquired through learning as well as
activated purely
| by environmentally provoked instinctive pain-"gating" mechanisms)
keep us
| from becoming distressfully and self-defeatingly directly conscious
| [or, as I like to put it: "selective Hibernation keeps us from
"paying" full
| and _futile_ flight or fight type actention to"] SHITS (sEPTic
humored term
| that represents: from gradually to suddenly traumatizing, or
| Hibernation imploring", life-time events or situations) come
"CURSES" (or

I agree, but see the "automation" occurring as a function of learning
defficiencies, That is, there's 'blind'-automation in-there, but it
can be transcended ['switched-off'] via experience that enables folks
to learn about how nervous systems process information. There's
nothing "unavoidable" in-there. Like anything else, all that's
necessary is to experiencing learning with respect to it, and 'the'
brain reconfigures itself so that it functions in accord with this
new learning. There's no 'magic' in any of this. Neurons undergo
trophic dynamics, building "biological mass" [AoK, Ap5] in rigorous
accord with the activation that they actually experience. Thereafter,
the biological mass exists in a way that's exactly analogous to
"mass" in Physics [the 'two' are one-and-the-same stuff [which is a
rebalation with respect to all of Science, not only because all
Science is done via 'the' brain, but because the concept of
"biological mass" extends directly to all of chemistry both organic
and inorganic [although, in the latter, the "biological" modifier is
properly dropped] - all electrodynamics. Sush recognizing of the
physically-real existence of "mass", in all its forms, has
extraordinary usefulness within Science, and within everyday common
experience. In the future, such will enter into everyday common
discourse. Folks will talk about the "relative mass" of behavioral
and affective propensities, simultaneously comprehending what such
means in terms of the work inherent in their 'moving' from where they
are to where they want to be, with respect to some 'goal' that they
want to achieve, for instance. There's great worth in all of this
because, the way things've been has been 'blind' to all of this
flat-out crucial 'internal' work, so 'decisions' have been made that
do not take it into account, or which 'guesstimate' it, and are
doomed to failure before the first action is taken with respect to
them. In the future, such 'guesstimation' will become laughably the
hallmark of pre-Human conditions.

| The last concEPT of mine - it is allowed to be spelled either way,
or even
| to be misspelt (by direct permission from the author) - that you
have also
| seen before, has [IMO] a more efficient, tight, profound and
explicitly defi
| ned meaning than any of the more conventional alternative concepts
| expressions) that I know of (e.g. "traumatic memories", "engrams",
| pain", or 'memories at the root of PTSD').

Yeah, I've seen a lot of "SHITS" in my 'time' - it often seems to me
that I was born for the sole purpose of neverendingly 'shoveling'
such :-]

I'm =finally= coming to understand the stuff you've been discussing,
all these years, Peter - the 'bridge' has been building itself, in
the background as a result of the interaction we've shared, and I'm
Grateful for the experience I've had as a result of the work you've
done, Peter.



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