Circadian cycles and the pineal gland:

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| I'm trying to establish exactly from which location in the optic
tract there
| are afferents to the pineal gland. From what I've been able to
gather it
| appears these nerves originate in the optic chiasma but I cannot
| whether there are projections from the chiasma itself or dual
| one from each optic tract after the optic chiasma. Can anyone help
me here

Hi, John, FWIW, the pineal is where, during the development of NDT, I
tentatatively assigned the dynamics of the main [pertaining to
whole-life's 'time'] "meta-phase shift" that I discuss in AoK, Ap7.
The formation of the "calcarine" stuff is correlated in this view -
with the 'finality' inherent in pubescent onset, and with respect to
the correlated primary "meta-phase shift" [the transition from
primarily developing "biological mass" to primarily using
formerly-developed "biological mass".

This work of mine is 20+ years old. In it, I interpreted the
phylogenetic 'switch-over' from a semi-visual nervous system 'area'
that showed reproductive-activation-facilitation qualities to a
non-visual nervous system 'area' that shows puberty-onset
correlations. The phylogenetic 'switch-over' entails a redirection of
inputs from external electromagnetic radiation to internal relative
TD E/I - external light to internal 'light' - with a correlated
overall information-processing modality [functionality] redirection.

I'm sorry that I can't help you with your query. I see the pineal as
possibibly significant, as above, so it's definitely worth exploring.
[Huge ramifications, that I wasn't able to explore completely, back
when I was putting NDT together.] This work of mine is decades old,
and the only neuronal corelates as yet recognized back then were
fibers arising from the suprachiasmatic hypothalamic nucleus.

It's 'funny'. In response to your query, I got out my 1983 8th
Edition of Carpenter and Sutin's _Human Neuroanatomy_, and read for
the for one of the few 'times' that I have in the last 15 years. A
'wave of warmth' flowed through me as I read. I was 'Home'.

I so 'ache' to be able to get back to reading in the contemporaneous
literature - all of these old considerations needing updating and

Cheers, John,


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