Ramifications of 'blind' TD E/I-minimization in the News

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I understand that my use of the "M"-word is 'offensive'.

If anyone can give me a better word to use for "an innocent life ended prematurely by others", I'll use it.

It cannot be that killing is 'accepted' because pre-existing 'judicial' practice allowed such to occur with impunity.

Everything changed when DNA evidence, and its discerning capacities, were made available by Science.

The tragedy that's gone unspoken is, how many Innocents perished before DNA evidence became available?

This stuff constitutes a brutally-explicit example of the way long-enduring, merely-familiar stuff gains inertia within nervous systems, leaving folks so 'blinded' by the 'routine' that even calling it what it is is deemed to be "offensive".

All around, the same-stuff ravages Humanity. Folks avert their eyes?

k. p. collins
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  Here is a Column and an article from today's New York Times, both of which directly expose the way in which prejudice toward that which is merely familiar 'strives'. 'blindly' and automatically, to act in ways that 'deny' Truth. What's discussed in the Column and article is the way that 'blind' TD E/I-minimization 'takes on a life of its own', becoming the 'determining' thing, with the result that individuals who give themselves over to the dictates of information-processing-'cheap' TD E/I-minimization, themselves, become the primary Offense.

  The Column discusses the Offense inherent in active pursuit of 'denial' of The Constitution of The United States of America, in which TD E/I-minimization within individuals' nervous systems is tacitly deemed to 'supercede' The Constitution.

  The article discusses the Offense of Murder being advocated in the name of TD E/I-minimization within prosecutors' nervous systems.

  I recommend this atricle to all. It's relatively-short, but it's even-handed exposing of Truth merits a Pulitzer.

  Both the Column and the article go directly to the heart of the most important question that confronts Humanity: Will we Citizens of Humanity use our innate capacities to Think, or shall we subjugate our Beings to the dictates of merely-familiar a priori-TD E/I-minimized 'prescriptions'?

  In his or her answer to this question, each person casts her/his 'vote' with respect to what will, or will not, be the Survival of Humanity.

  I cast my Vote:

  Let us Choose to Think

  Further comments below.

  "Looking Back at an Ugly Time", By BOB HERBERT


  "An unchallenged right-wing war against the very idea of diversity will turn us back in the direction of the noxious beliefs spewed out by National Review in 1957."

  Furthermore, any stance against Affirmative action is, as I demonstrated in my open letter to President Bush, Unconstitutional.

  "Prosecutors See Limits to Doubt in Capital Cases", By ADAM LIPTAK


  "A prosecutor was trying to block a death row inmate from having his conviction reopened on the basis of new evidence, and Judge Stith, of the Missouri Supreme Court, was getting exasperated. `Are you suggesting,` she asked the prosecutor, that "even if we find Mr. Amrine is actually innocent, he should be executed?'

  Frank A. Jung, an assistant state attorney general, replied, `That's correct, your honor.`"

  'Subjugation' of Truth to 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.


  "After a trial and appeal, many prosecutors say, new evidence of claimed innocence should generally not be considered by the courts."

  'Subjugation' of Truth to 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.


  "Jeremiah W. Nixon, Missouri's attorney general, said Mr. Jung's response to Judge Stith was a legally correct answer to an inflammatory hypothetical question. The point Mr. Jung was trying to make, he said, is that there must come a time when cases can be closed."

  'Subjugation' of Truth to 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.

  Clearly, the 'law', itself, is Murderer, and we all have Obligation, under The Constitution of The United States of America, to bring the 'law', itself, 'to trial'.

  All persons, vested, by the Citizenry, with Sworn Obligation to write The :aw, are Impeachable if they fail to imbue The Law with Truth.

  K. P. Collins

  "P. S. ..."
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