Are we motivated by sex or communcation?

John H. johnh at faraway.xxx
Mon Feb 24 20:05:13 EST 2003

I wouldn't bother arguing with Freud. Carl Jung took Freud to task on his
sex emphasis. Sex is a major drive but so is status, common to most primates
if not all. I think we need to be careful in trying to reduce all human
behaviour to a few basic drives, we often up with too many "just so"
stories. That neocortex of ours does seem to have a mind of its own and is
not necessarily entirely constrained by our genetic heritage.

John H.

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> > > Hi,
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> > > Many people think that humans are motivated by sex and only sex.  I
> would
> > > like to explore the other option: that humans are designed to help
> evolve
> > > their culture.  By this I mean that the main, innate goal for humans
> to
> > > acquire knowledge about the world and then pass this on to other
> > > individuals.  <snip>
> >
> > > Which option is it?
> >
> > It is both.
> > (Is it not obvious?!)
> I agree that's it's both.  But I'm really arguing with Freud and being
> overly 'contrasty' to get the point across that not everything is about

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