50 ways to lose your intellectual property

Allen L. Barker alb at datafilter.com
Tue Feb 25 02:14:32 EST 2003

"They" would never steal one scientist's ideas and pass them along
to another, one of their own, witting or unwitting.  No, that could
never, ever happen!  Why does it take that level of sarcasm to make
the point?  Governments are profoundly uncomfortable with the idea, and
prefer that scientists themselves remain unaware.  Then there is the
idea that "they" would both steal from *and* actively repress that
same scientist...

In a historical sense, it is all a little naive on the part of 
historians of science to not understand nor take into account such
ongoing espionage operations.  Historians tend to work on longer
timescales, but one can hope that from their historical perspective
they might better understand both the historical and current abuses.

"Allen L. Barker" wrote:
> [Are scientists ever taught to think of 50 ways someone could
> steal ("extract") their ideas, thoughts, experience, and knowledge?
> Or are they purposely trained to be naive?  Do domestic US scientists
> have a further level of naivete to think they are immune from such
> attempts, foreign and domestic?  Do they know the extent of the
> "social engineering" attempts which may be applied, as well as the
> advanced technology that currently exists?  Once someone steals the
> information, if it's valuable, they then don't want it openly
> published...]

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