Ramifications of 'blind' TD E/I-minimization in the News

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"Folks avert their eyes" ...?

Yeah. Let's analyze this. What does it consist of? Why does it so commonly occur?

It consists of the information-processing force exerted by 'blindly' and automatically 'learned' "prefrontal constellations" [AoK, Ap7] that are induced, relatively-universally within populations, over the course of long experience with being 'negatively sanctioned' when one 'transgresses' old, long-familiar societal [group] 'mores' which, themselves, gained their existence merely through 'blindly'-automated repetition.

There's an unwittingly-tacit 'conspiracy' of 'silence' involved that reduces directly to abstract TD E/I-minimization.

Because of this long-enduring, haphazardly-accumulated, but, nevertheless, familiar, stuff, folks' nervous systems tend to converge upon TD E/I-minimized activation 'states' that conform to to the old, familiar stuff, without experiencing its meaning in fullness - sans Reason - nervous systems' TD E/I-minimization dynamics follow 'paths' that conform, in terms of the abstract TD E/I-minimization problem upon which they always are operating, to relatively-direct 'routes', which tend to circumvent 'consciousness'. With respect to such neural dynamics, all that's 'seen' is that following this 'direct route' to TD E/I-minimization does result in TD E/I-minimization, so the nervous systems involved experience such TD E/I-minimization as 'constituting truth', 'accept' such 'truth', and go, unthinkingly, on their merry ways, feeling 'ok'.

One witnesses the tacit 'conspiracy' that acts to 'defend' the TD E/I-minimization 'short cutting' that's involved when one stands up, in the midst of it and asserts that the stuff it embodies is "wrong". [Like I'm doing here.] What ensues is that nervous systems of those who've adhered to the TD E/I-minimization 'short cut' experience TD E/I(up) =not= with respect to the information content of the 'point' in question - they've 'skipped' all of that - but with respect to the 'contradictory' nature of the provoked-by-disagreement TD E/I(up), itself, relative to the 'path' to 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization that they'd routinely followed.

Can you see it? The interactive 'discord' which routinely ensues has almost nothing to do with the information-content of the stuff that's being 'argued' about, and almost everything to do with the relatively-minor 'disagreement'-generated TD E/I(up) that was induced [AoK, Ap5] by the 'disagreeing' behavior manifested. The newly-induced TD E/I(up) becomes 'everything'. It has 'taken on a life of its own'.

Can you see it? 'Battle-lines' get drawn, not with respect meaning-filled information-content, but with respect to abstract TD E/I that's, primarily, internally-focussed, almost always, with respect to resistance to "rendering useless" [AoK, Ap 5, 7 & 8].

And there we have it. Humanity's progress is 'stymied' by internal nervous system energydynamics that have almost nothing to do with this or that problem that confronts Humanity.

Lifting Humanity up above this 'blindly'-automated, having-almost-nothing-to-do-with-anything-outside-nervous-systems, 'stagnation' is what NDT is all about.

What is it that perpetuates the tragedy of folks' abdicating their capacities for Reson that's inherent? First and formost is that our nervous systems 'blindly' and automatically experience least TD E/I-minimization work as 'being correlated' to 'truth', when Truth is that anything that's merely repetitively experienced will gradually come to be correlated with relatively-minimal TD E/I-minimization work, and so, no matter what it is, if it's merely repetitively-experienced, it will gradually acquire an aura of 'truth' because of the way our nervous systems key, 'blindly' and automatically, upon TD E/I.

That the, inherent, costs are unacceptably-high to Humanity is obvious when stuff is experienced like a 'prosecutor' saying, "So what?" when he's asked if he will allow an Innocent man to be, nevertheless, put to death in the name of 'society'. But the same stuff happens in a way that permeates virtually all of folks' everyday, commonplace, interactive dynamics. For example [Forgive me, please] these same dynamics run rampant within 'academia' - you know, there's a coersed consensus, and woe to any who go against such - they are 'adjudicated' before the 'court' of coersed-consensus, and cast into a 'prison' having a "lock of one hundred keys" [A. Lincoln], which constitutes a virtual death sentence in which their only experience consists of folks 'moving away from' them - their continual experience is folks' averting their eyes. But Academia is not alone, The same-stuff runs rampant within all Human interactive dynamics - like when I went back to Court last year, after having been arrested for the crime of standing in folks' faces, after pleading with the Judge and Prosecutor with respect to being allowed to care for my elderly Father - "He'll die if I'm not there to care for him" - after having my bail doubled, after being derided as a "nut" - after being thrown in jail, after my Father, forcibly denied my care, died, after his home was, at the direction of the Judge, not once, but twice broken into by the local Police - after all of this, when I went back to court, the Judge had 'called in sick' - he averted his eyes.

Because I have 'a history' of 'standing in folks faces' on behalf of the Children, it's come to be that, virutally always, folks 'avert their eyes' when they find themselves in my presence - and, judging from my years-long inability to secure employment in line with my Professional experience, regardless of my presence.

It's all tragically-'humorous' to me because I know these folks who 'avert their eyes' have no one in their experience who has Loved them as I have Loved them, but, since they experience TD E/I(up) with respect to 'me', despite the fact that, unknown to them, I long ago gave my Life for them, and their Children, they respond to the superficial TD E/I(up) as if it is "everything", and 'avert their eyes'.

It's 'funny', 'two', that, although I understand all this stuff, in depth, the only avenue open to me remains to just 'stand in folks' faces, inducing them to experience TD E/I(up), which I know, at least over the relatively-short-term, will go against 'me'. It's 'funny' that this's the only way.

Why it's this way goes back to 'time' immemorial within 'human' History - back to the days of the cave dwellers - back through all the tit for tat violence and wars [sadly, exactly analogous to the one in which 'america' is, even now embarking]. Through all such experience, the shear repetitiveness of the savage 'solution' - "might makes right", and all that - has been acted upon within nervous systems' TD E/I-minimization mechanisms, resulting in merely-abstract TD E/I(down) coming to be correlated with all that's involved - and so it goes - absent Reason.

Within such, there's a "chicken and egg" problem. It is that the fact that folks had been manifesting behaviors that correlated with nothing more than 'blindly'-automated abstract TD E/I needs to be understood, but, because of the 'learning' that's occurred with respect to "recrimination" being 'the thing to do' when this or that 'error' eventaully becomes discernable, folks're 'blocked' from understanding out of 'fear' that derives in their familiarity with 'recrimination'.

Into this circumstance, ~2000 years ago, came Jesus, teaching, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

It's Forgiveness that makes all things possible - that "poofs" the 'walls' that separate Humanity from Reason outta here.

Forgiveness that has, inherent within it, understanding of the previously-existing absence-of-understanding, which absence-of-understanding slew all capacity for Reason.

If Humanity is to survive, Humanity must call itself to task with respect to its responsibility for the existence of Ignorance - you know - where does Ignorance get its start? Simply, in the unquestioned 'status quo' - in each home, in each school, in each legislative body, in each diplomatic body, in each government, in each profession, in each culture, in each sub-grouping od Humanity - in each entity that 'thinks' that the TD E/I-minimization that occurs within its nervous system 'constitutes truth'.

How can this be brought about?

Through generalized communicating of the Neuroscience-Verified =fact= that nervous systems process information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization - by allowing Truth, inherent, to, Gently and Lovingly, but persistently, "stand in folks' faces", where ever folks are.

To do so, requires Gentle-Loving-Persistance, having Forgiveness built-right-in, in the Joy of knowing that "right makes might", not the inverted [AoK, Ap4] way that's come, via the repetitive experiencing of "man's inhumanity to man", to be the merely-familiar thing.

We must dare to become that which we have always been capable of being - Truly Human, at last.

I intend to continue 'going-first' for as long as it takes :-]

K. P. Collins

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  I understand that my use of the "M"-word is 'offensive'.

  If anyone can give me a better word to use for "an innocent life ended prematurely by others", I'll use it.

  It cannot be that killing is 'accepted' because pre-existing 'judicial' practice allowed such to occur with impunity.

  Everything changed when DNA evidence, and its discerning capacities, were made available by Science.

  The tragedy that's gone unspoken is, how many Innocents perished before DNA evidence became available?

  This stuff constitutes a brutally-explicit example of the way long-enduring, merely-familiar stuff gains inertia within nervous systems, leaving folks so 'blinded' by the 'routine' that even calling it what it is is deemed to be "offensive".

  All around, the same-stuff ravages Humanity. Folks avert their eyes?

  k. p. collins
    "Kenneth Collins" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net_NOSPAM> wrote in message news:RLr6a.48994$rq4.4055280 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
    Here is a Column and an article from today's New York Times, both of which directly expose the way in which prejudice toward that which is merely familiar 'strives'. 'blindly' and automatically, to act in ways that 'deny' Truth. What's discussed in the Column and article is the way that 'blind' TD E/I-minimization 'takes on a life of its own', becoming the 'determining' thing, with the result that individuals who give themselves over to the dictates of information-processing-'cheap' TD E/I-minimization, themselves, become the primary Offense.

    The Column discusses the Offense inherent in active pursuit of 'denial' of The Constitution of The United States of America, in which TD E/I-minimization within individuals' nervous systems is tacitly deemed to 'supercede' The Constitution.

    The article discusses the Offense of Murder being advocated in the name of TD E/I-minimization within prosecutors' nervous systems.

    I recommend this atricle to all. It's relatively-short, but it's even-handed exposing of Truth merits a Pulitzer.

    Both the Column and the article go directly to the heart of the most important question that confronts Humanity: Will we Citizens of Humanity use our innate capacities to Think, or shall we subjugate our Beings to the dictates of merely-familiar a priori-TD E/I-minimized 'prescriptions'?

    In his or her answer to this question, each person casts her/his 'vote' with respect to what will, or will not, be the Survival of Humanity.

    I cast my Vote:

    Let us Choose to Think

    Further comments below.

    "Looking Back at an Ugly Time", By BOB HERBERT


    "An unchallenged right-wing war against the very idea of diversity will turn us back in the direction of the noxious beliefs spewed out by National Review in 1957."

    Furthermore, any stance against Affirmative action is, as I demonstrated in my open letter to President Bush, Unconstitutional.

    "Prosecutors See Limits to Doubt in Capital Cases", By ADAM LIPTAK


    "A prosecutor was trying to block a death row inmate from having his conviction reopened on the basis of new evidence, and Judge Stith, of the Missouri Supreme Court, was getting exasperated. `Are you suggesting,` she asked the prosecutor, that "even if we find Mr. Amrine is actually innocent, he should be executed?'

    Frank A. Jung, an assistant state attorney general, replied, `That's correct, your honor.`"

    'Subjugation' of Truth to 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.


    "After a trial and appeal, many prosecutors say, new evidence of claimed innocence should generally not be considered by the courts."

    'Subjugation' of Truth to 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.


    "Jeremiah W. Nixon, Missouri's attorney general, said Mr. Jung's response to Judge Stith was a legally correct answer to an inflammatory hypothetical question. The point Mr. Jung was trying to make, he said, is that there must come a time when cases can be closed."

    'Subjugation' of Truth to 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.

    Clearly, the 'law', itself, is Murderer, and we all have Obligation, under The Constitution of The United States of America, to bring the 'law', itself, 'to trial'.

    All persons, vested, by the Citizenry, with Sworn Obligation to write The :aw, are Impeachable if they fail to imbue The Law with Truth.

    K. P. Collins

    "P. S. ..."
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