Completely OT: President Carter: Alternative to War

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| | > | > "A Statement By President Carter: An Alternative To War"
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| http://www.cartercenter.org/viewdoc.asp?docID=1165&submenu=news
| | > | >
| | > | > I agree with you, Mr. President.
| | > |
| | > | Where exactly do you see a connection to neuroscience?
| | >
| | > Hi, Phil.My long-standing position is that it falls to
| Neuroscience
| | > to explicate the behavioral and affective dynamics that
| | > war - basically, that war happens because Neuroscience allows
| to
| | > happen by inadequately communicating its findings.
| |
| | I think you have a point there, Ken.
| |
| | Dag Stenberg
| Thank you, Sir.

Just realized that it might be my own efforts to which you refer :-]

I won't argue with anyone who takes that position.

But, in my defense, I'll disclose that I came here after about 18
years of trying to bring NDT's stuff forward in other ways, including
the traditional ways. When I came here I'd already decided that I had
to be 'the pebble in folks' nervous systems' - to be the source of
short-term TD E/I(up) that would allow folks the opportunity to
experience long-term TD E/I(down) with respect to NDT's integration.
'Heavy lifting' of folks up over the crater's rim so that they can
see the long down-hill slope.

Given my personal circumstances, it's the only way I could see how to
approach what needed to be done.

"Grab the bull by the horns" & "Grab TSEOTS." Wrastle the 'bull'.
Work with the 'stick', anyway. Do what needs to be done.

Which, if NDT's not happening, will just add to my '"fool's legend"
stuff :-]

If NDT is, then the way it's been is probably the way it had to be.

I've got some wear on me, but I've still Life.

Whether I'll be free to Live, or free to work, remains a question.

Cheers, Dag, ken

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