Circadian cycles and the pineal gland:

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Wed Feb 26 09:46:28 EST 2003

Thanks Ken, but I found what I needed. Apparently no direct connection to
pineal but rather via SCN then to cervical ganglia then to pineal. Talk
about roundabout way!

John H.
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> | I'm trying to establish exactly from which location in the optic
> tract there
> | are afferents to the pineal gland. From what I've been able to
> gather it
> | appears these nerves originate in the optic chiasma but I cannot
> determine
> | whether there are projections from the chiasma itself or dual
> connections,
> | one from each optic tract after the optic chiasma. Can anyone help
> me here
> Hi, John, FWIW, the pineal is where, during the development of NDT, I
> tentatatively assigned the dynamics of the main [pertaining to
> whole-life's 'time'] "meta-phase shift" that I discuss in AoK, Ap7.
> The formation of the "calcarine" stuff is correlated in this view -
> with the 'finality' inherent in pubescent onset, and with respect to
> the correlated primary "meta-phase shift" [the transition from
> primarily developing "biological mass" to primarily using
> formerly-developed "biological mass".
> This work of mine is 20+ years old. In it, I interpreted the
> phylogenetic 'switch-over' from a semi-visual nervous system 'area'
> that showed reproductive-activation-facilitation qualities to a
> non-visual nervous system 'area' that shows puberty-onset
> correlations. The phylogenetic 'switch-over' entails a redirection of
> inputs from external electromagnetic radiation to internal relative
> TD E/I - external light to internal 'light' - with a correlated
> overall information-processing modality [functionality] redirection.
> I'm sorry that I can't help you with your query. I see the pineal as
> possibibly significant, as above, so it's definitely worth exploring.
> [Huge ramifications, that I wasn't able to explore completely, back
> when I was putting NDT together.] This work of mine is decades old,
> and the only neuronal corelates as yet recognized back then were
> fibers arising from the suprachiasmatic hypothalamic nucleus.
> It's 'funny'. In response to your query, I got out my 1983 8th
> Edition of Carpenter and Sutin's _Human Neuroanatomy_, and read for
> the for one of the few 'times' that I have in the last 15 years. A
> 'wave of warmth' flowed through me as I read. I was 'Home'.
> I so 'ache' to be able to get back to reading in the contemporaneous
> literature - all of these old considerations needing updating and
> all.
> Cheers, John,
> ken
> | [...]

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