President Carter: Alternative to War

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BTW, although it's necessary to know the Neuroanatomy to see all of
it, the pertinent energydynamics are discussed in AoK, Ap8 - in
particular, see the discussions of "inward spirals" in which
abstract, having-only-internally-relevance TD E/I "takes on a life of
its own".

These are the neural energydynamics through which aggression breeds
aggression, in a way that periodically augments, as a result of the
occurrence of abstract TD E/I that nervous systems 'know' of nothing
else to do with but to "strike-back" after "being-struck". The
underpinning neural architecture is discussed in AoK, Ap5 [sensory &
motor 'mirror-image" topographical distributions with respect to the
"passive-active" [sensory-dominant - motor-dominant"] phase shift,
and "supersystem configuration"].

Once the inwardly-sprialling energydynamics are triggered, the
dynamics become hugely-abstract, and as is discussed in Ap8, are
particularly-susceptible to degree of experiential differentiation -
the further apart intoractors are upon a merged "continuum of
relative familiarities" [AoK, Ap4], the greater will be the
'amplification' inherent in the mutually-augmenting energydynamics
that constitute the inwardly-spiralling energydynamics. This
'amplification' occurs because the widely
experientially-differentiated interactors seek TD E/I-minimization
within ['move-toward'] their own in-groups which results in each
group 'working itself up into a lather', during which 'moving-toward'
in-group, and 'moving away from' out-group ['the enemy'] augment on
=both= sides of the experiential divide.

The real-world behavioral correlates have been easily observable
within populations on opposite sides of the post-2001-09-11
interactive dynamics.

The only reason these abstract energydynamics are occurring is that
their neural underpinnings remain uncomprehended. This's because,
when they are comprehended - when "prefrontal constellations" [AoK,
Ap7], encoding understanding of the underpinning neural
energydynamics, are established - the "meta-" 'states' [AoK, Ap7]
tend strongly to override the formerly 'blindly'-automated
'inward-spiralling' energydynamics - the higher-'level'
energydynamics literally recognize the lower-'level' energydynamics
as being 'two'-energy-costly relative to the asendency of Reason
that's embodied [literally] in the prefrontal constellations. The
interactors realoze the "the grapes are sour, anyway", and resort to
Reason that's driven by the "prefrontal force" as it's discussed in
AoK, Ap7.

There's no 'magic' in any of this. The lower-'level' energydynamics
are just seen for what they are - a 'blindly'-automated
'crap-shoot' - and the 'absurdity' of allowing anything to become
'determined' by such just becomes flat-out too-'embarassing' to allow
it to happen [seen for what it is, and feeding-back into prefrontal

The discussion in this msg is overly-rough. This stuff is all
carefully mapped in AoK. Folks who want to understand it should
pursue it in AoK, along with, of course, coming to terms with the
neural topology ['Neuroanatomy', but globally-integrated with respect
to TD E/I-minimization] itself..

Or let me come and give an informal talk, expressly with respect to
this stuff, somewhere - anywhere I can get to - OK? [will need an
afternoon, preferably a day's 'time']

It's still not too late to pursue Reason, but the relative-lateness
of the application of the understanding is best offset through a
'joining-of-hands' to get the point across and to foster a
spreading of the discussion.

[With respect to what's here, North Korea's Citizenry is close to
going-amygdalar [AoK, Ap5], collectively. When supersystems go
amygdalar, these higher-'level' energydynamics are 'disconnected' and
folks just don't see external reality anymore. The =only= way to
defuse such is to 'cradle' such, gently, until ability to Reason
becomes re-established. What we're witnessing, over there, is a
population-wide automated-'communication' dynamic that's analogous to
the "infant's crying behavior" example of AoK, Ap5. A necessary part
of the "cradling" is to leave folks with their self-esteem.]

k. p. collins

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| "A Statement By President Carter: An Alternative To War"
| http://www.cartercenter.org/viewdoc.asp?docID=1165&submenu=news
| I agree with you, Mr. President.
| K. P. Collins

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