Pain only on the right side of body

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I'm not a Medical professional, so take what I have to say with that
in mind.

You should get other Medical opinions. It will be helpful if you and
your Daughter keep a notebook with respect to your Daughter's
symptomology. Sit down with her. Gather historical stuff, like
homework papers, exam dates and results, discuss her peer
relationships, etc. - =everything=.

What am I getting at? The musculature of the back is a bit like a
suspension bridge. When we are experiencing 'stress', the muscles of
the back tend to tighten. What I'm asking you to look for is a
long-term coincidence between the intensity of your Daughter's
symptoms and the level of 'stress' she's experienced, historically,
since the 'time' when her symptoms first showed themselves. In her
case, it might be, for instance, that the onset of puberty has been a
stressor, so analyze her symptoms with respect to all that's entailed
in that.

If you find a significant correlation between level of stress and her
symptoms, then, because the muscles of the back are like a suspension
bridge, and because they do tighten up when we experience stress,
it's likely that the misalignment of her spinal column is involved -
because, when the muscles of the back tighten up, celarances between
the vertabrae decrease.

When you have your notebook prepared, see another specialist.

My base recommendation, though, is that your daughter go through the
process of of eliminating the curvature. It's long and its hard,
involving wearing some sort of body cast, but such treatment
eliminates what will, otherwise be a life-long problem. A Childhood
friend of mine went through this at about the same age as your
Daughter. We gathered around her to help her get through it. It was
hard for her, but she made it fine. Her experience leads me to
believe its the right thing to do.

The lowest-level solution is usually the preferable solution.

I'd avoid back surgery if at all possible [don't choose a Surgeon as
your 2nd opinion].

k. p. collins [ken]

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| My daughter is 16 years old. She has a problem with
| pain in the thoracic region of her back. The pain
| radiates down her right arm into the ring finger and
| little finger and into her right leg. Writing is very
| painful because of the pain. Standing or sitting makes
| the pain worse. This all started three years ago. For
| about 13 month this problem appeared to have subsided
| with the exception of the pain in her back, which was
| there if she gave thought to it. A month ago it
| re-appeared. She has been seen my many specialist, all
| MRIs have been negative. She does however, have a 20
| degree curvature in her spine just at the point of the
| pain. I have been told by the ortho specialist that
| her scoliosis is not the problem. This all seems to me
| to be somehow related to how spine is resting in her
| back. I would like some feedback of thought with this
| problem. My daughter is a junior in high school and
| this medical concern is affecting her attendence at
| school.
| Thanks,
| Mother and Daughter
| ---

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