Zwicker effect

r norman rsnorman_ at _comcast.net
Tue Jun 3 08:01:54 EST 2003

I am responding to your specific query by private email.  I feel
uncomfortable talking about specific commercial products on the news

Incidentally, no clinical person ever mentioned that the hearing aid
might be effective at reducing the annoyance of my tinnitus so don't
consider an aid for that purpose.  It is just an observation that
seems to be true for me. It may be purely a "psychological" effect --
that is, with the aids I just don't care about the ringing and others
may respond quite differently.

On 2 Jun 2003 22:11:47 -0700, chemqueries at aol.com wrote:

>Hello, r norman. I'm interested to know more about your hearing aids.
>Could you tell me the name of the hearing aids, the manufacturer, and
>where you purchased them. I have a relative who desperately needs
>hearing aids like this, and I'd very much appreciate your help in this
>matter. Thank you.
>r>r norman <rsnorman_ at _comcast.net> wrote in message news:<u2nmdvs5dsfkjfd6bkqi5e8g4qk066r0mf at 4ax.com>...
>> >>   Not to mention the constant tinnitus that
>> >> prevents me from recognizing a faint high frequency tone!
>> >> 
>> >> My tinnitus was described as sort of a "phantom limb" effect resulting
>> from my high frequency hearing loss (I can't hear the upper half
>> octave on a piano).  In any event, a pair of digital, very expensive
>> hearing aids makes a world of difference.  I rediscovered that paper
>> crinkles, water splashes, and coins jingle, things I hadn't heard in
>> ages.  And my tinnitus is either gone or I just don't bother to care
>> when my hearing aids or on.

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