Zwicker effect

John H. johnh at faraway.xxx
Tue Jun 3 12:19:13 EST 2003

I also have tinnitus and it can be a real pain in the ass. A friend of mine
who has it said the audiologist once "replayed" his tinnitus to him and the
effect was excruciating. I've also searched for solutions and have heard
(duh!) that hearing aids can help. Then there is Tinnitus retraining
therapy. Nothing I've seen convinces me these solutions actually work.
Obviously works for some.

Tony, thanks for your website, will look closely at that because my tinnitus
drives me mad when trying to sleep. The problem now so severe that I tend to
work to close exhaustion. Interesting because I was once told by and ear,
nose and threat dude that I have chronic eustachian tube damage; whatever
that is.

Hmmm, wild speculator: how about botox for tinnitus????

John H.

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> On 2 Jun 2003 11:30:47 -0700, tonyjeffs at aol.com (TonyJeffs) wrote:
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> >>   Not to mention the constant tinnitus that
> >> prevents me from recognizing a faint high frequency tone!
> >>
> >
> >Small world!!!
> >My ageing tinnitus website is at www.tonyjeffs.com/tinnitus
> >
> >I was never a hi-fi buff, but wonder whether the output amp in my
> >Soundblaster and cheap speakers can retain that 60dB/octave. I think
> >maybe it might require top-of the range domestic audio equipment to
> >achieve. I don't know though.  I found a shareware program, Saccara,
> >at http://www.hitsquad.com/smm/programs/Saccara/
> >(< 1 minute download)
> >
> >It can produce white noise, pink noise, high, low and bandpass, but
> >has no graphical display, so it's difficult to know exactly what is
> >happening.
> >
> >Tony
> My tinnitus was described as sort of a "phantom limb" effect resulting
> from my high frequency hearing loss (I can't hear the upper half
> octave on a piano).  In any event, a pair of digital, very expensive
> hearing aids makes a world of difference.  I rediscovered that paper
> crinkles, water splashes, and coins jingle, things I hadn't heard in
> ages.  And my tinnitus is either gone or I just don't bother to care
> when my hearing aids or on.
> Even your cheap computer audio system should be good up to 8 or 10
> kHz. So if your high frequency cutoff is 5 hKz it should be fine.
> There are a number of fourier transform (FFT) programs.  SigView
> http://www.sigview.com/ is relatively inexpensive.  Google, of course,
> has a good list at
> Reliable software has a little unit on FFT
> (http://www.relisoft.com/Science/Physics/sound.html)
> and a free frequency analyzer at
> http://www.relisoft.com/freeware/index.htm.  Source code is
> also available to help you roll your own.
> I used to have software to do all that but it was years ago.

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