Zwicker effect

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> 2. Phantom limb pain is, by definition not in the severed limb, so it
> must be central. Similar phenomenon.
> ........
> In conclusion, there are 4 arguments above supporting my case , and
> only two opposing it, therefore I must be right ;-)
> Tony

I don't like the "phantom limb" analogy because:

tinnitus is experienced in the ear, phantom limb is sensation in space.
Phantom limb can involve pain, to my knowledge this is not experienced in
Phantom limb is a real sensation that makes sense to the experiencer,
tinnitus is more like random noise.

I accept that some tinnitus if of central origin. Reminds me of allydonia
(spelling?) where some musicians experience uncontrolled spasms from
continual use, I wonder if excessive Glutamate activity lowers synaptic
thresholds to the point of over sensitivity. Raises the question, do GABA
agonists help in this context??? Is there GABA receptors in the auditory
nerve network?

John H.

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