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I guess email isn't working.  I tried sending to your listed email
address.  My address has some extra characters embedded -- it
should be my name @ my address with no underlines or spaces.

Anyway, here is what I said.

The most important part of any hearing aid is a good exam by a
competent audiologist.  And that really also means an audiologist
whose income is not mostly dependent on hearing aid sales.

I have medical insurance that pays for things like audiograms
conducted at a clinic associated with a major medical school so I have
confidence in their results and recommendations.  As it turns out, the
clinic also dispenses hearing aids at what they claim is their cost --
no profit.  And my medical insurance pays a substantial part of the
cost of the aids, themselves. 

Given that information, I have "Adapto" aids made by Oticon (see
www.adapto.com). They are digital, programmed to my specific 
needs.  I did have to make one return visit to have one unit
reprogrammed and one unit seemed to have problems and was replaced.
However, I am very happy with them. I do not get terrible acoustical
feedback that I know other hearing aid users get.   However, I am not
a spokesperson for Oticon and am not endorsing them.  I am totally
ignorant of alternatives and what may be a good buy, a "best buy" or
even what may be suitable for any one elses needs.

Incidentally, I had to pay, out of pocket, $1500 US for the pair even
after all the medical insurance.  I believe that the retail cost would
be in the $3000 range but I am not sure about that.

On 3 Jun 2003 11:28:08 -0700, chemqueries at aol.com wrote:

>Hi. Thanks for your message board reply. I did not receive anything
>from you by private e-mail. I tried to e-mail you to let you know
>this, but it was returned to me by Mailer-Daemon.
>r norman <rsnorman_ at _comcast.net> wrote in message news:<kr6pdvsgek2d87650u9876r8o41e95orgf at 4ax.com>...
>> I am responding to your specific query by private email.  I feel
>> uncomfortable talking about specific commercial products on the news
>> group.

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