REM sleep EEG vs Beta wave EEG

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| I am still confused over why a relatively
| relaxed state of the brain (REM sleep)
| would have a higher frequency than a
| more intense state (beta wave). So how
| does this work?

Basically, I explained it in my previous post.

During 'sleep', the brain is actively performing
information-processing work.

It's =not= 'relaxed'.

'Awareness' might be termed 'relaxed',
but it's just relatively configured-out of the
sleep-consciousness information-processing
dynamics [except when one awakens in the
midst of a dream].

Mucle tone is 'relaxed', but the brain is full-
bore actively doing information-processing
work during sleep-consciousness.

There's nothing 'relaxed' in-there.

Even in the waking->sleep consciousness
transition, when EEG goes 'gentle', what's
happening is that the nervous system is doing
information-processing work to 'put on the
brakes' with respect to waking-consciousness.

For those who have it: the information-
processing work inherent is with respect to
"supersystem configuration" dynamics as
they're discussed in AoK, Ap5 - an overly-
crude, but still informative, analogy is the
wind-down that occurs when one inverts the
polarity of a DC motor. Its armature doesn't
'instantaneously start truning in the reverse
direction. It slows, to a 'stop' and then builds
to speed in the opposite direction. During this
reversal, even though things're running continu-
ously more-slowly, then continuously-more-
rapidly [up to the motor's engineered-in RPM],
there's work being done in-there - in terms
of current, more work than is occurring when
the motor is running freely].

The analogous thing is True within the brain
during the great "supersystem reconfigurations"
that intervene between waking- and sleeping-

All of this is Verifiable via scanning techniques,
which I recommend doing with particular respect
to these great "supersystem reconfiguration"
dynamics - because they constitute the most-
al-encompassing instance of such that happens
within brains, and it would be good to nail-down
everything about them.

K. P. Collins

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