Ramifications of 'blind' TD E/I-minimization in the News

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"Who's Accountable?", By PAUL KRUGMAN


I Agree, but the important thing is to prevent the next analogous mis-take.

To the degree that folks 'move away from' Truth, nothing works.

To the degree of such, nothing can work.

The 'problem' is that inbred-'thinking' 'manufactures truth', and, literally, cannot see that what's so 'manufactured' 'moves away from' Truth.

The first step in the necessary Solution with respect to preventing the next analogous mis-take is, as I discussed in my prior post [quoted below], Difficult. It is to understand how and why inbred-'thinking' does, in fact, deleteriously exist.

When 'thinking' is inbred, such is Difficult be-cause inbred-'thinking' tends not to be able to See its inbredness [be-cause its experience excludes the neural activation that builds the micro-mods ["biological mass"] that would, otherwise, enable nervous systems to Think the Thought of self-recognition].

But all that's necessary is an Honest [Objective] 'balancing-of-the-books' with respect to the proportion of all available inputs that are actually entering into Decision-making.

After it's Recognized and Acknowledged, it's relatively-easy to eliminate the inbred-'thinking'.

K. P. Collins

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  "Standard Operating Procedure", By PAUL KRUGMAN


  I Agree, with the following qualifying discussion.

  What's happening in Washington, D. C. is, as I've discussed in former posts, "incestuous amplificaion" [phrase quoted from a former NYT article that I linked-to in a former post, there, quoting a Government analyst].

  Folks in Washington, D. C. have Sincerely felt the [TD E/I(up)] 'pressure' of being 'under the gun'. Their reactions have been mis-taken, however, be-cause they've been interacting in a behaviorally-inbred way that is overly-mutually-exclusive with respect to general populations.

  They have not been so much deliberately Falsifying the facts as they have been 'just' 'blind' to Truth because, in their behaviorally-inbred interactive dynamics, they are "manufacturing `truth'`" through the simple fact of their interactive dynamics deriving in their relatively-mutually-exclusivity.

  Their experience, which imbues them with what they will be able to 'see', has been insufficiently-broad, and they literally can 'see' only that which derives in their insufficiently-broad experience.

  This sort of thing tends to =commonly= result when folks who do not possess sufficiently-broad understanding are, nevertheless, confronted with pressing [TD E/I(up)] need for problem-resolution.

  Lacking the necessary sufficiently-broad understanding, they 'panic', and go into 'overdrive' with respect to seeking problem-resolution, but, because they've 'panic-ed', and yet feel that they must convey an 'aura' of 'being-in-control', they try to 'hide' the absence of sufficiently-broad-based understanding under which they must operate, doing so 'in secret', which results in their 'falling-into' the pit of inbred-'thinking' - they fall into "incestuous amplification".

  Such always has Tragic Consequences because the understanding that's necessary gets 'locked-out' by the fact that the dynamics become interactively-inbred.

  All of this reduces directly to 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, and constitutes an extrema with respect to the Consequences of the absence of understanding with respect to how and why nervous systems process information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization - because, in their inbred-'thinking', they've "gone amygdalar" [AoK, Ap5], 'moving away from' Reason in a 'blindly'-automated way.

  The result is a hard Problem to resolve because Resolution requires the 'breaking' of the inbredness, but, because they've 'panic-ed' [gone amygdalar], any attempt to do so is experienced by them as an 'attack upon their persons', which tends, strongly, to result in their 'moving away from' the understanding that is Fundamentally-Necessary.

  Such constitutes a classic double-bind, from which the only Exit is, as I discuss below, through Forgiveness.

  The same-stuff has been going on in the Middle East for more than a decade [as a Consequence of decades-more of 'moving away from' cross-population mutually-inclusive interaction].

  What's happened is that, through the =collective= dynamics of individual Choice, the 'them vs. us' inbredness of of the Middle East has spread, in an interactively-'contagious' way across all of Humanity.

  As folks who've done the [admittedly-Hard] Work inherent in following my posts [are there any?] know, I've been 'jumping-up-and-down' with respect to these very dynamics =all-along= - I been monitoring their augmentation since before I starting posting here in b.n more than a decade ago.

  They've underpinned the 'desperateness' with which I've pursued communication of NDT's understanding.

  I Hope that my efforts have been sufficient, and that folks will Choose to 'move toward' Reason - to 'move toward' Truth from here on out.

  With respect to such, in the last month, I've been monitoring very-promising correlates of such, and Engourage folks to continue.

  It'd all be flat-out 'easy' [relative to doing it without] if NDT's understanding had already been robustly communicated.

  But the way things've gone is the way things've gone.

  I long ago shifted to 'timing' the gists of all of my posts with respect to my understanding  of what would unfold, in an effort to use what I understood would be the 'white-heat' of the Consequences of NDT's understanding having been 'shunted' 'off the table' and held in 'secrecy' - to 'push' NDT's understanding over the top.

  I Hope, in the midst of such 'heat' folks'll get-it.

  There is much that the Citizenry can do to assist Leadership in this decisive 'moment'.

  The main thing is to understand that the Need for Forgiveness is built right into nervous systems.

  =DO NOT= 'trap' folks within mis-taken courses of action that they've followed.

  Rather, Understand, Forgive, and Do what Needs to be Done.

  Understanding of how and why nervous systems process information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization is the =only= stuff that can lift Humanity up above that which, presently, rends it apart - that can lift Humanity up out of the 'passions' of 'hatred' that Ravage it.

  There is a Need for Courage.

  There is a Need for 'moving toward' Truth.

  There is a Need to rise above 'recriminations'.

  To Leadership:

  You must take the Lead with respect to all of such.

  Forgive yourselves your Errors.
  =Address= them Forthrightly.

  Fail at this, and you'll Fail at Everything - and take the Citizenry down with you.

  Succeed at this, and you'll Lead Humanity into its future, and be Remembered for having Done so.

  The necessary first step is to dismantle the 'cauldren' if inbred-interactive-dynamics that exists in your midst, and through which you are 'blinded' to that which actually Needs to be done.

  To the Citizenry:

  If Leadership 'grabs the bull by the horns', and stops trying to "manufacture `truth`", and, instead, 'moves toward' Truth, =Gently= assist their Choice in every way that you can do so.

  If they do not, then Choose other Leadership in the next Election.

  America Needs you in that way.

  K. P. Collins

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    Some important thiughts re. Truth:

    "Missing in Action: Truth", By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF


    "Man on Horseback", By PAUL KRUGMAN

    For the most part, I agree with what both Authors have written in these two OpEd pieces.
    K. P. Collins

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