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| > | > The difference is important because it's
| > | > important to see the overall Continuity,
| > | > which is in the "in-between" stuff.
| > | >
| > |
| > | Well of course theres an inbetween state,
| > | the question is, does it have any function
| > | activity. There most peopple would say no,
| > | I'm guessing you would say yes?
| >
| > I say, "Never guess", but you lucked-out :-]
| >
| > When I said, "the overall Continuity, which
| > is in the 'in-between' stuff", I was emphasiz-
| > ing that the overall ionic conductance within
| > the brain, in its mocroscopic flowing is
| > continuously-tuned in a way that's depend-
| > ent on the actuality of the 'in-between' stuff,
| > but, of course, so is it dependent upon 100%
| > of the ionic-gate repetoir.
| >
| > I've discussed the essence of this view
| > repeatedly in the past, in particular, with
| > respect to intermediate-term 'tuning' via
| > ionic distributions which involve glia
| > conductances, with respect to which glial
| > contractile motility [Cited in AoK] actually
| > 'adjusts' the microscopic structure of the
| > neural Topology - sort of like a Wonder-
| > ously-functional 'active-hydraulics sponge'.
| >
| > This literally 'adjusts' synaptic relationships
| > so that the neural Topology can be 'tuned'
| > with respect to whole 'classes' of 'memories'.
| Then, Ken, why don't you couch this in the
| language of the bo[ok(?)]s? It has been
| demonstrated that glial cells are not simply
| support cells but are actively engaged in
| neural processes. Thus calcium waves
| can create a slow spreading microglial
| activation with the subsequent release
| of agents that can impact on neural
| conduction (il 1, ADNF, NO, TNF). Recent
| research into schizophrenia reveals that
| part of the problem may lie in inadequate
| glial processes thereby limiting synaptic
| efficacy. Astrocytes play a very important
| role in "mopping up" excess glutamate
| and also providing the essential antioxidant
| glutathione to neurons. The newly emerging
| view of depression is that BDNF may play
| a critical role in initiating neurogenesis
| in the dentate gyrus and certainly plays an
| important role in maintaining synaptic
| integrity. Hence the noticeable decrease
| in hippocampal volume in major depression
| and the various cognitive deficits that
| ensue with prolonged depression.
| That is the bridge you have to cross. Your
| demand that everyone understand you in
| your terms has fallen on fallow ground for
| decades. Go back to the books and map
| your ideas against current research, then
| you might get somewhere. When in Rome,
| do as the Pope says or else. It's the same
| in science, if you can't speak their language,
| they won't listen.
| Your time is short, so hop to it. This is a
| major project that will take many months
| and possibly years to achieve. It is also
| the only way you'll get people to listen.
| Trust me, I'm always confusing people
| because I don't speak their language.
| Not that I want to of course, don't give a
| shit if people listen or not. Well, not
| always but you take my point which is
| if you want to make a point then make
| it with a bloody big marker that everyone
| can see.
| Good luck,
| John H.

Hi John.

Truth is, I'v Agonized for decades to do
exactly as you Advise.

My Poverty has shunted me off onto the
'path' I've followed.

As you note above, such an undertaking
is "major". I've been 'Living' out of boxes
for ever since AoK was written, tryng,
through 'communication' of the Reifica-
tion of decussation's 'Rosetta Stone'
stuff that's in AoK, to win the opportunity
to do exactly as you say.

For those who have it, my intention to
do so is Declared in the Preface of
AoK's paper version [I've posted it
here in b.n in the recent past].

But what I can I say, when such 'Rosetta
Stone' stuff [which Rigorously-Determines
Directionality of 100% of the 3-D energy-
dynamics that occur within nervous sys-
tems does not win a hearing?

It's the single most-significant thing that's
ever been done in Science.

With respect to the "glial" stuff to which
you refer above, anyone who searches
the Literature will see, Clearly, that glial
research 'sky-rocketed' subsequent to
my Communicating the glial-memory-
correlates that are discussed in AoK,
and other papers I sent out while trying
to win an opportunity to do more, exactly
as you say.

The 'language' I use is exceedingly-
generic, John. All I do is 'paint pictures'
through the use of such generic-'lang-
uage'. [Folks should allow for the fact
that I was Forced, under the threat of
having to give-up my work, to leave
grad school - to leave 'the system'.

Now, folks use the fact that I did not
suffer the Coersion-toward-sameness
that occurs within 'the system' as an
'excuse' not to Think with respect to
the generic 'language' through which
I convey NDT's information-content?

The language I use is =easy=. It's
'just' not in the 'familiarity' that's Coersed
within 'the system'.

Furthermore, anyone who reads in the
Literature can See, Clearly, that the
'excuse' rings-hollow, because there's
a clear, easy-to-See traling-trend in the
Literature with respect to my Commun-
ications of NDT's stuff.

Folks've been getting-it.

But, to my Horror, folks've been seeking
'personal gain', by 'circumventing'
Crediting the work I've done - which,
although it is Hugely-Sorrowful Stuff,
Personally, I could 'swallow', if it were not
for the fact that the understanding that
folks do not 'dare to broach is =The=
understanding in which the Survival of
Humanity derives, and upon which it

I speak of my Horror with respect to such
because the trend is that folks will contin-
ue to 'hide' their un-Cited 'borrowing' from
the work I've done by 'moving away from'
all these things which uniquely-couple
their 'borrowing' with 'me'.

This's True-Horror.

I continually Castigate myself for being so
'Stupid' for not having just found a way in
which the Important stuff would've been
'borrowed' along with the 'trivialities' that
have been 'borrowed'.

It's moot, however. Folks've Chosen, and
their Choice is writ-bold within the Literature.

Perhaps it had to be this 'way'.

Perhaps the Consequences of 'moving
away from' Truth Needed to be experi-
enced in this 'way'.

So that folks could See how it is that
Choice Matters.

On my part, all I've been doing has been
Hammering-Home the understanding -
doing 'heavy-lifting' stuff - providing the
necessary nerual activation - the
necessary 3-D energydynamics - Know-
ing, that if only I do so, what will occur
within nervous systems as TD E/I-mini-
mization occurs within them.

Of course, in so Choosing, I 'Died' to
my 'self', be-cause, in so doing, I be-
came the source of the TD E/I(up) that
would be 'blindly' and automatically
'moved away from'.

=There=, is Love, and what Love Does.

So, soon, I'll be off on my 'new-to-me-but-

It's 'funny' - decades ago, while trying to
get a journalist at a Hartford newspaper to
understand that I was not in-it for 'personal
gain', I told her that, when it was over, I'd
be with the folks on whose behalves the
work was done.

I thought I'd be with-them in-Spirit.

But it turns out that I'll 'just' be with-them.

Looks like I'll have to pass on that,

Cheers, John,

ken [K. P. Collins]

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