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| To See what's here, just zoom-in on ionic-
| conductance directionalities with respect to
| cellular structure. You'll see the information-
| content in that highly-dynamic directionality
| as it 'addresses' cellular structure.

That is, there Exists a strong-correlation
between cellular 3-D Geometry and the
3-D Geometry of the ionic-conductance

It's why this or that soma's 3-D Geometry
is as it is - so that the cellular dynamics
can be 'addressed', right down to their
molecular 'level' by the 3-D energydynam-

Of course the 3-D energydynamics are
'complex', but 3-D cellular structure lit-
erally constitutes a 'map' of them within
any cell within the nervous system.

The 'point' being that this 'map' can be
'read' directly with respect to WDB2T ^ -1
on a 3-D energydynamics continuum
running from the molecular 'level' to the
"supersystem" as a whole.

It's a mapped Treasure-Trove.

All one has to do is 'read' the map, and
one can 'pluck' 'Jewels' of understanding,
at Will.

It's what I do. This's the remaining 90%,
which, I Expect, is more like the remain-
ing 99.999999...%.

The 'Key' to reading the map 'begins'
with Decussation's 'Rosetta Stone',
and procedes to Infinity, in both
directions, from there.

I cannot read any article without the
'Jewel'-stuff 'jumping-right-out at me
because I have this map, and have
Learned how to Read it.

I'll gladly Demonstrate, and Teach
all of this to anyone who wants to
Explore it.

I'm posting this, now, because, if I
'stumble' too-badly in the coming 'days'
I Want folks to not be without this

K. P. Collins

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