Zwicker effect

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r norman <rsnorman_ at _comcast.net> wrote in message news:<soprdvg5psconpms0n5hhbp37bhb5lon2t at 4ax.com>...
In conclusion, there are 4 arguments above supporting my case , and
> >only two opposing it, therefore I must be right ;-)
> >
> >Tony
> I humbly yield to someone who actually knows what he is talking about!

Thanks :-) Maybe its just that I've finally got the knack of giving
that impression after years of practice.

> Whatever the source, it really is annoying!  Actually, mine is usually
> acceptable -- I can just ignore it unless I am feeling particularly
> irritable.

Me too. Really bothered me at first, but it got me involved in
studying and other things so in some ways I got a lot out of it.

Mine started incrementally with 3 scuba diving sessions; not deep.  In
my case, I think the gradual pressure change involved must mean some
simple physical damage, perhaps to the oval window at the cochlear end
of the ossicles.

  I hear that it can be really intolerable in some people so
> I am fortunate.

Some people have a terrible time.
Although in contrast I know someone who has had it constantly  since
childhood. He can hear it whistling away in a buzy pub, above the
level of the conversation. He's had a good career & enjoys life, so it
doesn't seem to have held him back.

Another terrible thing is severe hyperacusis, where a tiny sound  is
painfully loud. There's a site on the net, the hyperacusis network,
where they discuss that.  Some awful conditions.

I got a leaking roof. Fixed it twice. Still leaking. Can't find
anything wrong with it. :-(


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