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| | To See what's here, just zoom-in on ionic-
| | conductance directionalities with respect to
| | cellular structure. You'll see the information-
| | content in that highly-dynamic directionality
| | as it 'addresses' cellular structure.
| That is, there Exists a strong-correlation
| between cellular 3-D Geometry and the
| 3-D Geometry of the ionic-conductance
| Directionalities.
| It's why this or that soma's 3-D Geometry
| is as it is - so that the cellular dynamics
| can be 'addressed', right down to their
| molecular 'level' by the 3-D energydynam-
| ics.
| Of course the 3-D energydynamics are
| 'complex', but 3-D cellular structure lit-
| erally constitutes a 'map' of them within
| any cell within the nervous system.
| The 'point' being that this 'map' can be
| 'read' directly with respect to WDB2T ^ -1
| on a 3-D energydynamics continuum
| running from the molecular 'level' to the
| "supersystem" as a whole.
| It's a mapped Treasure-Trove.
| All one has to do is 'read' the map, and
| one can 'pluck' 'Jewels' of understanding,
| at Will.
| It's what I do. This's the remaining 90%,
| which, I Expect, is more like the remain-
| ing 99.999999...%.
| The 'Key' to reading the map 'begins'
| with Decussation's 'Rosetta Stone',
| and procedes to Infinity, in both
| directions, from there.
| I cannot read any article without the
| 'Jewel'-stuff 'jumping-right-out at me
| because I have this map, and have
| Learned how to Read it.
| I'll gladly Demonstrate, and Teach
| all of this to anyone who wants to
| Explore it.

I Expect I can do this, but maybe it's
not possible.

Maybe I'm just a 'freak' who can do
it because, as I've explained in the
past, I Learned how to do it when I
was Young [but not that Young - 11,
with preliminary ramping-up to it in
the years before that], at my Dad's
side in his cellar workshop.

He was 'Stern'. I could not touch
anything, but I wanted to understand
what he was building. So I'd study
the pieces as Dad worked on them,
and 'put-them-together' in my mind.

Why I'm discussing this, here, is that
I don't know if it can be taught without
the Special-Stuff that was in Dad's
cellar workshop.

I Loved him, even though he was
'stern', and maybe that worked some
'strangeness' in me that cannot be

I experience virtually everything in the
analogous way.

So maybe I'm just a 'freak'.

If that's the case, then I should be
used as a 'tool' to get as much out of
it as is possible.

With respect to NDT, I just 'ransacked'
the Neuroscience stacks, and put
everything together in the analogous

My only 'purpose' was to explain
how and why Prejudice arises in the
Biology - =not= to re-do Neuroscience.

So I didn't work in a way that was cor-
related to 'becoming' anything.

I just wanted, with everything in-me,
to nail Prejudice, and Exile it from

So I didn't work up-to-accepted
Standards with respect to the
information I gathered in the Neuro-
science stacks. All I did was photo-
copy all the articles that I found to
be Important, and, along with my
Books have been lugging them
around with me for decades.

I worked this way because I Knew
that I was a 'nobody', and that, if
ever I was to be a 'somebody', I'd
have to get-with-the-program re.
writing 'style' in-Science.

All AoK has ever been was my
attempt to Demonstrate that I was
Worthy of receiving a Chance to
work within 'the system'.

After experiencing Kim's and
John's Advising posts to me [I
hope you weren't 'disappointed',
John, that I didn't wax-on about
your Seeing, and your reaching-
out to me, in the same way that
Kim did - the 'difference' was Man-
Stuff that I acquired from my Dad,
if you care to know] I devoted some
'time' to thinking things over.

Kim and John 'got-through' to me,
and, at first, it was 'strange' - a 'mis-
alignment' of 'perceptions'.

All I want for myself is to be able to
work-more. Although I've hoped
for 'big-things' that'd allow me to do
that on my own terms, I've never [yet]
seen my efforts as being Worthy of
'big-'time' Recognition.

I Konw what I've Accomplished, but I
also Know that no one else Knows
[yet] what I've Accomplished.

But I Thought AoK would win me the
Opportunity to work-more, which
would've, then, allowed me to beat-
the-hell out of my keyboard, while
making a contemporaneous pass
through the Neuroscience stacks.

I've been 'Auditioning' for this Oppor-
tunity :-]

I saw, after Pondering Kim's and John's
posts [and, yes, Dag, your analogous
post to me of not long ago] that folks'
preceptions of what I've been doing
were out-of-sync with what I've actually
been doing.

I've just been 'Auditioning' for the Opp-
ortunity to work-more, understanding
that I would =then= write like a Scientist.

As things stand, I've no 'Validation', no
'Credentials' - other than the Work I do.

And, it's always been my Choice, that
if the Opportunity didn't become open
to me, then my Obligation was to use
my small resources as Efficiently as
Possible - which meant developing
NDT's stuff - seeking out its Key stuff - in
a 'no-holds-barred' way - which meant
not 'wasting' energy in doing things that
'did not make any difference'.

If I wasn't going to find an Opportunity to
work-more, I still had to work-more, to
make sure that I 'mapped' as much of
the Key-Stuff as possible while Life
remained in-me, So I dispensed with
the 'expectations' of 'the system'.

If 'the system' didn't want me, then why
wast energy doing stuff that was 'super-
fluous' to what I was Obligated to do,
"come hell or high-water".

But on Pondering Kim's, John's and Dag's
posts to me, I realized that folks didn't
understand that I've just been 'Auditioning'
for an Opportunity to work-more [without
having to 'exist-in-two=worlds' - one to
earn the means to support my work, and
the other to do the work - which is what I've
been doing for decades [this past year, with
help from my Dad's Estate].

I feel Badly about what's in this Realization.

I've Thought it was Obvious all along that
I was only 'Auditioning'. [Like I said, I Knew
what I was Doing, but I didn't really expect
anyone else to Know what I was Doing. I
only Expected folks to allow me to show
them what I was Doing, and =then= Evalu-
ate its Worth.

Gees louise - the Realization was Hard.

Decussation's 'Rosseta stone' Stuff is
everything I've Claimed it to be, and it's so
straightforward that I 'thought' everyone
would get-it, and that someone would say,
"OK, we'll give you a test run."

=Then= I'd 'jump-through-the-hoops that
are required of one 'with a Position'.

It's the way that I am.

I just Do what Needs to be Done - never
asking 'permission' - I just do it.

It's how I had to be to work-within my Dad's

I've always been "KP" Collins - grab TSEOTS,
like my Mom, and do what needs to be done.

For the Good of the 'group', what ever the
'group' may be.

With respect to kicking-Prejudice-outta-here,
the 'group' is all of Humanity.

So, in all my 'whining', I wasn't 'complaining'
about anyone not Accepting NDT. I was
'complaining' about not being given an

I've no 'Right' to 'demand' anything from

The only Right I have is to expect folks
who say they want to Know to want to Know.

Anyway, John, Kim and Dag, Thank You for
your Kindnesses.

But it's moot. I work to a Standard [believe
it or not :-] that requires Thoroughness.

It took me 8-9 years of very-inense effort to
reach the 'snapshot' that's given in AoK.

It will require commensurate effort to do the
rewrite - I don't know how long, probably
not 8-9 years, but I don't know. The present
'state' is that I cannot read any Neuroscience
article without wanting to write-lengthy about
its stuff.

If I get-on-tangents like this with every article
in the contemporaneous Neuroscience stacks,
then I'll only end-up being found Dead in the
stacks :-]

So, I just wanted to be able to make sure
others could take-up the effort, and encourage
them to do so.

The Opportunity to do that is what I've 'jumped-
up-and-down' about.

Not that all of Neuroscience 'must' conform
itself to NDT.

It's just that I've not had the Opportunity to
really Show folks what's in-NDT.

So how can folks Decide what's in-it [beyond
Decussation's Rossetta Stone' stuff, which is


ken [K. P. Collins]

| I'm posting this, now, because, if I
| 'stumble' too-badly in the coming 'days'
| I Want folks to not be without this
| understanding.
| K. P. Collins

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