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| | To See what's here, just zoom-in on ionic-
| | conductance directionalities with respect to
| | cellular structure. You'll see the information-
| | content in that highly-dynamic directionality
| | as it 'addresses' cellular structure.
| That is, there Exists a strong-correlation
| between cellular 3-D Geometry and the
| 3-D Geometry of the ionic-conductance
| Directionalities.
| It's why this or that soma's 3-D Geometry
| is as it is - so that the cellular dynamics
| can be 'addressed', right down to their
| molecular 'level' by the 3-D energydynam-
| ics.
| Of course the 3-D energydynamics are
| 'complex', but 3-D cellular structure lit-
| erally constitutes a 'map' of them within
| any cell within the nervous system.
| The 'point' being that this 'map' can be
| 'read' directly with respect to WDB2T ^ -1
| on a 3-D energydynamics continuum
| running from the molecular 'level' to the
| "supersystem" as a whole.
| It's a mapped Treasure-Trove.
| All one has to do is 'read' the map, and
| one can 'pluck' 'Jewels' of understanding,
| at Will.
| It's what I do. This's the remaining 90%,
| which, I Expect, is more like the remain-
| ing 99.999999...%.
| The 'Key' to reading the map 'begins'
| with Decussation's 'Rosetta Stone',
| and procedes to Infinity, in both
| directions, from there.
| I cannot read any article without the
| 'Jewel'-stuff 'jumping-right-out at me
| because I have this map, and have
| Learned how to Read it.
| I'll gladly Demonstrate, and Teach
| all of this to anyone who wants to
| Explore it.
| I'm posting this, now, because, if I
| 'stumble' too-badly in the coming 'days'
| I Want folks to not be without this
| understanding.
| K. P. Collins

It is Hard to See it in it's Fullness because
it's so 'different' [and, therefore, TD E/I(up)-
inducing], but the 'bottom-line' is that if it
were not so, then =nothing= in nervous
systems would, then, be coupled to the
external 3-D energydynamics that individ-
uals experience, let-alone, =Rigorously=
Coupled to such =and= the "biological
mass" [AoK, Ap5] that has developed
within a nervous system up to the 'instant'
'in which' Experience occurs.

So, if one is to Comprehend nervous
system function, it's Important to Compre-
hend the internal 3-D energydynamics in
the Fullness of their Directionality, as such
'addresses' molecular dynamics.

For those who saved it, refer back to my
discussion of "protein-folding" dynamics'
always-downhill-ness of last Winter, and,
in that discussion, you'll have a Thinking-
Guide with respect to this more-generalized
statement of the same-stuff.

The "Compton Refraction" stuff that I dis-
cussed last Winter was discussed here in
b.n because it's the still-further Fundamental
stuff that underpins the protein-folding's
always-downhill-ness - a Foundational-
peek into the way nervous systems literally
Grasp the external experiential 3-D energy-
dynamics in their Continuous Essence.

[Aside: It was a Wonderful Winter, largely
because there was Love [to give Credit
where Credit is Due], and, BTW, Love
endures - it just never Knew :-]

K. P. Collins

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