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| > Hi Dag
| > In case you 'wonder' [or anybody else
| > does], I'm in =no way= [Knowingly]
| >  involved with this 'thing'.
| No, I did not for an instant think you were involved.
| Dag

Thank You, Dag, for letting me Know this.

It is my particular 'Agony' that, because I
Know that I 'must' do 'Difficult' things that
tend to induce TD E/I(up) within folks'
nervous systems, in all things,  I have to
Allow-for folks' 'moving away from' me.

So, you have Given me what is to me a
=Great= Gift.

Please Forgive me this.

It's an effort to convey, in a generalized
way, the 'sense' of that "particular Agony'
that I've had to have as a constant 'comp-
anion' over the course of these decades.

I'm 'spilling-over' this AM because I got
'hammered' on my overnight shift at my Dish-
washing Job - the place was Way-Busy.

At 5:00 Am, every bus pan in the place
was full, and I had cook pots from 3
Shifts still to do. I was supposed to be
off-work at 5:00 :-]

I worked 'til 6:30 to spare the next guy the
mess, but got 'trashed' anyway because
I'd not gotten around to washing the floors.
[Dishwashers are the Least folks at restau-
rants, and I'm the Least-of-the-Least, be-
cause I'm the 'new-guy' :-] [This, too,
reduces directly to TD E/I-minimization -
I'm not yet a 'familiar' stimulus set within
my Co-Workers' nervous systems via the
TD E/I-minimization that occurs within
them - it's very-interseting to study this
in a place where, when it's Busy, every-
one's 'pressurized', but has to, simultan-
eously 'nice' to the Customers. It all tends
to flow-'downhill' to the Dishwasher -
I get through it by making a 'game' of
it - "the 'Olympic' Dishwashing Event" -
"Every buspan in the place and 1.5
shifts of Cook's pots in an hour. That
might be good enough for the Gold.
He'll be marked-down on technique
though - because he threw the pots
from the sink to the washing station."
The Judges are Confering now." :-]
I never 'get the Gold' - just do what
needs to be done, and usually no one
notices, or I'm told it wasn't enough.
=Has to be= something about the way
I go about doing stuff :-]

This AM, I =needed= what I've received
as the Gentle-Affirmation of your msg, Dag.

It was so-Welcome.

Thank You.

Cheers, ken

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