Locus Coeruleus & DNAB - Recent Hypotheses ?

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| Ken,
| I don't think anyone over in comp.ai.phil has said or done anything
| against your own best interests. Given the incidence in the
| there must be hundreds if not thousands of folk who have lived
| productive lives in the professions whilst also having to deal with
| ups and downs of mood or thought disorders.
| All that has been suggested is that you discuss this possibility
with a
| professional and see if it makes any difference regarding your
| objectives. Some have advised you to do a postgraduate degree,
| have advised you to limit the scope of what you are trying to do. I
| don't think anyone has said anything that they wouldn't expect
others to
| say to them if they made the same claims that you have.
| I've said before that it is very easy to go off the rails when
| on some of these things, especially if you find yourself thinking
| things which are far removed from the actual data collected. Most
of the
| work in experimental psychology or neuroscience requires one to
| days, weeks, often months to quite mundane date collection and
| There are dozens of neuroscience relevant journals published each
| and each paper tends to be a small contribution in a relatively
| area and competition between groups working on the same subject can
| become quite aggressive, and this all goes into creating an ethos
| anyone working in science will recognise as a disciplined tension.
| My reasons for starting this thread are quite genuine.
| [...]

I stand on what I've posted.

K. P. Collins

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