Locus Coeruleus & DNAB - Recent Hypotheses ? - PARTIAL-RETRACTION

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| [...]
| The two 'halves' of the Noradrenergic
| [NA] sub-system are the evolutionary-
| remnant of Coelenterata's radially-
| symmetrical nervous system 'para-
| digm',
| [...]

I've realized, since posting what's quoted
above, that, unless I trace back through
phylogeny, Completely, my statement is
Unfounded. I'm not going to do that [any
'time' soon] so I RETRACT this one state-
ment rewrite it as follows:

The two 'halves' of the Noradrenergic
[NA] sub-system constitute a Human
nervous system sub-system that is
strongly-reminisent of Coelenterata's
radially-symmetrical nervous system

Please substitute the latter in the
original discussion if you're going to
quote the original discussion.

K. P. Collins

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