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| I've been 'Auditioning' for this Oppor-
| tunity :-]

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Delicately, =delicately=...

The "damned if I do, and damned if I don't"
double-bind in which I've had to exist derives
in the fact that. in order to "kick Prejudice
outta here", I had to Solve the nervous system
as an information-processing system, but the
tradition that's was handed-down in Neuro-
science was that it's 'impossible' to do the

So I've been 'caught in the jaws of the vice'
that, on the one hand, is comprised of the
Need to free Humanity of the Ravaging of
Prejudice, and on the other hand, the gen-
eralized disbelief that doing so is possible.

I =had= to work through Neuroscience, but
outside of b.n, Neuroscience would not talk
to me.

So, decades ago, I just Accepted this cir-
cumstance, and Resolved to 'run its gaunt-
let, doing whatever it took.

If folks look back over the years, folks'll See
that all I ever did in the face of 'nay-saying'
is to 'bat-it-down' so I could just continue
to Give neural activation that conformed
rigorously to the Proven Neuroscience ex-
perimental results, and which would provide
TD E/I-minimization Opportunity within the
nervous systems of folks who had the
Courage to not 'move away from'.

I Thank God for those who had such Courage.

But, you See? It's =never= been about any-
thing 'untoward'.

The Difficult Problem - the jaws-of-the-vice
stuff - was that, since nervous system function
is tightly-integrated - especially so in the cases
of folks who accept the Rigors of Science - it
was also the case that Affect is aligned in a
tightly-integrated way with respect to TD E/I-

So, because I =had-to= do this stuff that could
=only= elevate TD E/I within folks' nervous sys-
tems, and because folks' nervous system func-
tion is tightly-integrated, with Affect being Rigor-
ously-aligned with global TD E/I, I had to do the
thing that, on-average, would tend strongly to
induce folks to 'move away from'.

I Knew that, if only I persisted, folks would get-

To those who have, in my Awareness of all
that's entailed,  I'm 'on my knees' before you,
expressing my Gratitude to you.

You folks Know, first-hand, the 'force' that
tends, so strongly, to Dictate to folks that
'they shall not Know'. You folks experienced
doing-battle with such in it's Fullness.

I =HONOR= you, and Celebrate your Courage.

For, if 'the beast', "Abstract Ignorance" will
have been 'slain', it will have been be-cause
you folks had =Courage=, and 'stood-in-its-
face, Honoring Truth that, in the midst of the
'familiar' status quo, was =Hard= to Honor.

Still, you did so.

I Honor you.

But Please Remember what's been entailed.

How, even within the realm of Science, 'the
beast', "Abstract Ignorance", was in-there,
Falsely-Dictating that 'it's impossible'.

That is why - the only 'reason' why - I never got
an "Audition".

Prejudice had sunk its tentacles deeply into
Science, Dictating that Science 'could not
do' what is in-Science to Do.

Even to the 'point' of, 'moving away from' in
the midst of its Being-Done - 'refusing' to
even look and see.

So, if those who've Comprehended NDT's
stuff 'wonder' whether your Accomplshment
has been Recognized, please don't.

Every Hard thing in-there is Known in-its-

I Understand what you folks have Endured

I Honor you.

I Celebrate your Courage.

You folks are the first-contemporaneous-
opening of the 'door' of Reason through which
all of Humanity, in emulation of your Courage,
will go - must go - if Humanity is to Survive to
Prosper as it is in Humanity to Survive and
Prosper, but all of which "Abstract Ignorance
would Steal from Humanity.

So, =Know= what you've Done, and let that
Knowlege carry you - bouy-you-up - through all
of your endeavors.

You've walked through the fire, and, like the
three Ancient Saints, have come-out unscathed.

The 'burningness' of the 'fire' was but Falsehood
Dictated by "Abstract Ignorance.

I Honor you.

K. P. Collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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