Ramifications of 'blind' TD E/I-minimization in the News

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"How Europe Can Stop the Hate", By RUDOLPH W. GIULIANI


Qutoing from the New York Times article:

"President Bush has asked me to head the United States delegation to a conference on combating anti-Semitism, held by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which begins tomorrow in Vienna."

As is discussed in AoK, the Problem is at a 
much-deeper level, in which every Adult Man 
and Woman is involved, regardless of their 

And the Sorrow-Filled thing is that Adults 
'blindly' and automatically Coerse the stuff 
of the Problem upon the Children.

There is nothing more-Tragic than this.

Wait... there is.

It is that, Given the Understanding that 
ameliorates all of this, 'adults' 'move away 
from' it.

"Bush Issues Federal Ban on Racial Profiling", By ERIC LICHTBLAU


Qutoing from the New York Times article:

"President Bush issued guidelines today barring federal agents from using race or ethnicity in their routine investigations, but the policy carves out clear exemptions for investigations involving terrorism and national security matters."

"`This policy acknowledges racial profiling as a national concern, but it does nothing to stop it," Laura Murphy, director of the Washington office of the American Civil Liberties Union, said in an interview. "It's largely a rhetorical statement. The administration is trying to soften its image, but it's smoke and mirrors.`"

I Agree. 'icing' to Cover-Up the 'cake' that's, 
for 'two'-long, been yeasting-up in the oven 
of 'moving away from' Truth.

"House Votes to End Estate Tax; Senate Not Expected to Agree", By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


Qutoing from the Associated Press/New York Times Article:

"`My Republican friends may think they're burying the estate tax today, but they're actually burying our children under a mountain of debt,'' said Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Md."

"Republicans said they plan to continue pushing their tax agenda this year, and that eliminating the estate tax is one more step toward making tax laws fairer."

This 'tax-cut' stuff constitutes a Classic instance of "incestuous amplification" - inbred 'thinking', deriving in the facts of overly-cloistered experience.

That such is empowered to determine Governmental strategy is 'frightening' in the extreme.

"Some Members of Congress Concerned Over F.B.I. Shift in Priorities", By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


This Article constitutes an example of that WDB2T is Impossible to 'contain' - the way that 'shotgun strategies', founded in nothing more than guesswork, are doomed only to Exhaust themselves without achieving their superficially-defined 'goals'.

"Brain Experts Now Follow the Money", By SANDRA BLAKESLEE


Qutoing from the New York Times Article:

"`This new approach, which I consider a revolution, should provide a theory of how people decide in economic and strategic situations,' said Dr. Aldo Rustichini, an economics professor at the University of Minnesota. `So far, the decision process has been for economists a black box.`"


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