Tapered Harmony, again

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I should comment on this Article, but I'll just post the link. I need to 'recharge' by 'playing' with my Physics.

"Men's Survival Secret: Bending Y Chromosome", By NICHOLAS WADE


"Scientists Report Hottest, Densest Matter Ever Observed", By KENNETH CHANG


Quoting from The New York Times Article:

"There was also another possibility. Perhaps through some strange physics, only one jet had been created in the first place."

"The experimenters saw two jets coming out of the deuteron-gold collisions. Thus, they concluded that the earlier gold-gold collisions had produced very dense matter - 30 to 50 times as dense as an ordinary nucleus - that blocked the second jet."

>From Tapered Harmony's perspective, this conclusion is unjustified. be-cause the gold-gold collisions are inherently mass-symmetrical while the deuteron-gold collisions are not.

>From Tapered Harmony's position, what's happening is an interaction between the SSW<->UES harmonics' Geometry and the collision-energydynamics that 'eats' the 2nd jet.

Depending upon phases of the two colliding SSW<->UES harmonics, all sorts of things can happen.

[I'd do a little app that shows all possibilities, but I'm having to 'scramble' to shelter myself, and just can't get around to it.]

The particular case that corresponds to the 'missing jet' will happen when one SSW<->UES harmonic is hitting max-'compression' and the other is just leaving that 'state'.

This results in the one 'eating' the other, with the directionality of the combo being determined by the 'boss' SSW<-<UES harmonic [the one at max-'compression' [minimal-Ephemerance]].

It's all extremely-phase-critical.

The 'expanding' SSW<-<UES harmonic must be almost fully-'compressed' bor the 'combo' to happen - it's still really-small, but since the SSW<->UES harmonics's phasing is extremely-nonlinear, the 'boss' harmonic's energy/space is extremely-greater than it's almost-the-same, but 'expanding', counterpart, and it 'just' 'dictates' Directionality for the combo.

This'll turn out to be another 'feather in Tapered Harmony's cap'.

Thank God for Physics :-]

To paraphrase Genesis, "And then there was Order."

K. P. Collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"
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