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High-Resolution gif:



There're more than two curvatures - these trace the duration of the phase-interactions - and one can See the "encapsulation" dynamics[!] - the "puffs" - that I've discussed [Predicted] repeatedly in [long-]former posts. [One of these is what I'd presumed to be the single "jet" in the immediately-prior post [quoted below].

There's an interesting 'symmetry' in these "encapsulation" dynamics - at the bottom of the image, they are 'spread-out', and at the top-'right' of the image, they are 'narrowly'-focused. This also maps directly into the colliding SSW<->UES harmonics' phase-phase relationship. The top-'right' 'compressed' "encapsulation" dynamics correspond to the "boss" ['compression'-phase] SSW<->UES harmonic, and the bottom spread-out "encapsulation" dynamics  correspond to an SSW<->UES harmonic in its 'expansion' phase.

All that remains is Nailing-down the phase correlations [I'll either have to get digs fast, or buy an el-cheapo used laptop and work out of my car, but the app needs to be developed.]

Or, maybe, I'll just do it in the ol' noggin' lab [if I can gather myself to go to the 'place' where those things are worked on [the glial 'hydraulic'-memory-tuning stuff, from long-former and recent posts, again].

Anyway, the most-important thing to See [if anyone's following this discussion] is the Fact of the Continuous 3-D energydynamics as they were presented in the "Compton Refraction" apps, and the Fact that the traditional view has Erroneously attributed 'existence' to 'particles' because it submitted to the illusion that derives in the Fact that collider 'events' are 'instantaneous' 'snapshots' of much-larger, Continuous 3-D energydynamics. 

These things are Crucial with respect to the 3-D energydynamics that occur within our nervous systems.

Our brains flat-out See the Continuity in their 'addressing' of their molecular-'level' 3-D energydynamics.

Such Seeing-the-Continuity is the Fundamental Essence of Directionality within our nervous systems.

Directionality 'Addresses', at all scales within the 3-D energydynamics.

So, this stuff Matters.

The 'standard model' attempts to reach the same goal via invocation of 'particles'. In that view, 'directionality' is only crudely represented in terms of 'spin' - but all 'spin' is is SSW<->UES harmonics' 'instantaneous' phase-phase interaction-dynamics, which are inherently-Continuously-varying during the 'period' of interaction. Doing 'directionality' via 'spin' is like trying to sculpt a statue by blasting the stone with a shotgun - Directionality isn't sufficiently represented in-there - so all of the really-Important stuff has remained 'invisible' to the 'standard view' - because of all of this, the 'standard model' cannot 'Address'.

"Addressing' within 3-D energydynamics is everything.

Which is why I've been discussing the Physics [Tapered Harmony] here in b.n.

The 'gal on the street' doesn't have to work-through this stuff to get a handle on Directionality, but Science does. The 'guy on the street' depends upon us.

Besides, Tapered Harmony is flat-out Fun because it's all so straightforward, of-a-piece, and, therefore, easy to do stuff that needs doing in. [Say it better in your own good 'minds' - 'address' Directionality in-there :-]

ken [K. P. Collins]

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"
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  "Exciting First Results from Deuteron-Gold Collisions at Brookhaven 

  Findings intensify search for new form of matter"


  Quoting from the News Release

  "In the deuteron-gold experiments conducted this spring, back-to-back jets were seen to emerge, but in head-on collisions from the earlier gold-gold experiments, one of the two jets was missing. In addition, fewer highly energetic individual particles are observed coming from gold-gold than from deuteron-gold collisions. Scientists are intrigued by these distinctions, which clearly show that head-on gold-gold collisions are producing a nuclear environment quite different from that of deuteron-gold collisions. 

  One possible explanation of the missing jets is that a quark traveling through this new environment would interact strongly and lose a substantial amount of its energy. Thus, if a quark pair is produced near the surface of the nuclear fireball resulting from a head-on collision of gold nuclei, the outward-bound quark is able to escape, while the inward-bound quark is absorbed. Only one jet is detected by the physicists. This phenomenon is called "jet quenching" and was predicted to occur in quark-gluon plasma. The same calculations also predicted the observed suppression of high-energy individual particles. 

  If further scientific research proves that a quark-gluon plasma has been made, the physics story has just begun. By studying the behavior of free quarks and gluons in the plasma, RHIC scientists hope to learn more about the strong nuclear force - the force that holds quarks together in protons and neutrons."

  There's a photo at this web site. I presume the single "jet" is the oblong 'puff' in the lower-right quadrant of this photo.

  What 'reached-right-out-and-grabbed-me' in the photto, though was the two sets curvatures that are shown.

  These correspond to the phases of the two SSW<-<UES harmonics that're in-collision.

  All of this was also in the little "Compton Refraction" QBasic apps I posted last winter.

  The more-highly-curved set of traces corresponds to the 'boss' SSA<->UES harmonic in my original post in this thread.

  Although, given the data in this image, I'll have to redo my Analysis, I can already see that the position stated in my original post was, in-general, Correct. This means that Tapered Harmony's position is Sustained. I'll have to reconsider the phase-correlations, however. [I really do wish I didn't have to 'scramble' for shelter just now - because there's a Fun app begging to be written with respect to this experiment's data :-]

  Anyway, I'll put another feather in Tapered Harmony's cap. Soon, TH will have so many feathers, that it'll "Fly" :-]

  ken [K. P. Collins]

  "Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"
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    I RETRACT my discussion of the RHIC 'findings'm bit because of anything in my Analysesm but because I really don't know what the article refers to as "one jet" :-]

    In the past, the NYT has published diagrams [etc.] accompanying RHIC articles, but I didn't see any this time, and thinking about that led me to See that I really can't go forward with my Analysis - because I just can't See the data.

    I've extreme interest in these RHIC experiments, though, because it looks like they will Confirm TH to anyone's Satisfaction. So I'll try to look-elsewhere for the data.

    [As I've discussed repeatedly in long-former msgs, the so-called 'quark-gluon' hypothesis is untennable - the by-product of a theoretical position that coerses 'seeing' 'particles' where none have any physically-real existence. [Experimental results that've been interpreted to 'signify' 'particles' are Seeing the SSW<->UES harmonics' phasing without Recognizing it for what it is [without realizing that the illusion of 'particles' derives in the transience of SSW<->UES harmonics' phase. Be-cause the phase varies continuously [as was Reified in the little "Compton Refraction" QBaisc apps I posted over the winter], collision 'events' yields the illusion of 'discreteness', when what's actually happening is that their 3-D energy-gradients are varying continuously, so, when this or that collision occurs, the resultant observables correspond to 'instantaneous' interactions between 'compression' and 'expansion' phases as they are Reified in TH. Given the possible phase relationships [which were Completely-Defined in the "Compton Refraction" apps], all possible SSW<->UES harmonic phase-correlated interactions are also Completely-Defined.

    Traditional collider-0derived 'atomic' hypotheses [including "The Standard Model"] have 'seen' these illusions of 'discreteness' and called them 'particles', but they are 'just' the 'instantaneous' SSW<-UES harmonics phase-correlated interactions, which are inherently Continuous with the Universal Energy Supply [UES]. It's just that, given the accelerated SSW<->UES harmonics' momenta, only those 3-D energydynamics that fit-into their en passant 'window' can be observed, when there's actually a whole Continuous 'world' that exists in-there, most of which goes unobserved in any collision 'event'.

    The Error of 'the standard model' has been to 'see' the tiny portion of the SSW<->UES harmonics' phase dynamics and call them 'everything', when they're actually =just= these little en passant 'scraps' of the SSW<->UES Continuous phase dynamics.

    It's been a slow-dying [beginning in 1962], but RIP 'standard model' [1988].

    Now, I've got to get a real look at the latest RHIC data.

    K. P. Collins

    "Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"
      "KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message news:dVoIa.12112$0v4.1032136 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
      I should comment on this Article, but I'll just post the link. I need to 'recharge' by 'playing' with my Physics.
      "Men's Survival Secret: Bending Y Chromosome", By NICHOLAS WADE


      "Scientists Report Hottest, Densest Matter Ever Observed", By KENNETH CHANG


      Quoting from The New York Times Article:

      "There was also another possibility. Perhaps through some strange physics, only one jet had been created in the first place."

      "The experimenters saw two jets coming out of the deuteron-gold collisions. Thus, they concluded that the earlier gold-gold collisions had produced very dense matter - 30 to 50 times as dense as an ordinary nucleus - that blocked the second jet."

      From Tapered Harmony's perspective, this conclusion is unjustified. be-cause the gold-gold collisions are inherently mass-symmetrical while the deuteron-gold collisions are not.

      From Tapered Harmony's position, what's happening is an interaction between the SSW<->UES harmonics' Geometry and the collision-energydynamics that 'eats' the 2nd jet.

      Depending upon phases of the two colliding SSW<->UES harmonics, all sorts of things can happen.

      [I'd do a little app that shows all possibilities, but I'm having to 'scramble' to shelter myself, and just can't get around to it.]

      The particular case that corresponds to the 'missing jet' will happen when one SSW<->UES harmonic is hitting max-'compression' and the other is just leaving that 'state'.

      This results in the one 'eating' the other, with the directionality of the combo being determined by the 'boss' SSW<-<UES harmonic [the one at max-'compression' [minimal-Ephemerance]].

      It's all extremely-phase-critical.

      The 'expanding' SSW<-<UES harmonic must be almost fully-'compressed' bor the 'combo' to happen - it's still really-small, but since the SSW<->UES harmonics's phasing is extremely-nonlinear, the 'boss' harmonic's energy/space is extremely-greater than it's almost-the-same, but 'expanding', counterpart, and it 'just' 'dictates' Directionality for the combo.

      This'll turn out to be another 'feather in Tapered Harmony's cap'.

      Thank God for Physics :-]

      To paraphrase Genesis, "And then there was Order."

      K. P. Collins

      "Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"
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