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On another, Rigorously-coupled, topic:

"Spacecraft Give 'Deeper' Picture of the Origin of Galaxies", By DENNIS OVERBYE


"Out of the 540 black hole candidates that Chandra counted, however, only a handful seem to date from the first billion years, even though galaxies were already numerous then, Dr. Brandt said. Black holes do not seem to "turn on" until a billion years later."

There exist no such thing as great-sucking 'black holes'.

Rather, as I've discussed in long-former posts here in b.n, all observations that are held to 'substantiate' their 'existences' derive in the one-way flow of energy from order to disorder that is WDB2T.

There exists no such thing as 'attractive-gravity'.

Rather, what exists within physical reality is all of the physically-real Work that's done by the UES in 'containing' the energy that's 'trapped' in all of the SSW<->UES harmonics that comprise 'matter'. It's be-cause the UES does such physically-real Work that there is WDB2T's one-way flowing of energy from order to disorder [which is what empowers all phenomena within physical reality].

What's been referred to as 'gravity' is not a so-called "attractive force" ["that is an intrinsic property of matter"].

Rather, what's been referred to as 'gravity' is the order differential inherent in WDB2T, upon which, up to a threshold that itself varies monotonically with WDB2T as the Universe 'expands', 'matter' 'rides' in the direction of increased order - be-cause the disordered overall 3-D energy-flow is relatively-weaker than is the ordered, SSW<->UES-harmonic-central, energy-'containment' energyflow, and 'matter' just goes with this flow.

[This's a lot, but all it is is the Fact that the energy that 'contains' [flows-into] the energy 'trapped' within SSW<->UES harmonics is relatively-more-ordered than is the energy that flows-out-of the SSW<->UES harmonics. 'Matter' moves in rigorous accord with this order differential, which is locally 'inward', but outward overall [within the Universe as a whole].

So what have been surmised to constitute great-sucking 'black holes' are not such, but are just the local WDB2T 3-D energydynamics.

The 'jets' that flow perpendicularly upon the 'axes' of spiral galaxies are 'just' the energy that's flowed centrally, as above, having come-up-against the Universal WDB2T max-energy-gradient. This energy, formerly macroscopically 'trapped' by the WDB2T-energy-flow local to the galaxy has become so 'compressed' that it has come-up-against the Universal WB2T threshold [formerly denoted "c", and, since it can be 'contained' and 'compressed' no further, finds a way in which to increase it's "ephemerance", and goes out of the 'trap' in the direction of least-UES 'pressure" - which forms the 'jets'. [The 'matter' that's 'stacked' in the galactic 'planes' amplifies the 'trapping' be-cause all of that 'matter' is sustained by the UES - so that's [in the 'plane' of spiral galaxies] where the WDB2T order-differential is maximized.

There's an intervening 'zone' that begins at what have been referred to as 'event horizons' at which the WDB2T order differential crosses the local-to-the-galaxy "ephemerance" threshold and the 'containing' action of the UES, which sustains the SSW<->UES harmonics breaks-down, and 'matter' undergoes the 'matter'->energy phase transition, thereafter flowing into the 'jets'. As I've discussed in long-former posts, both Earth and Sun exhibit less-powerful versions of these Continuous 3-D energydynamics in which Earth's and Sun's 'magnetic fields' derive, 'helically'-spiralling in a way that makes the net energy-flow flat-out Observable [there exist no 'iron cores' - the 'core'-stuff of massive celestial bodies is comprised of 'funny' SSW<->UES harmonics which are 'funny' be-cause, at the 'material'-depths at which they exist, the capacity of the UES to sustain their harmonics is diminished - there is the 3-D energy-flow all-the way down to the centers of celestial bodies [not as Newton proposed in his spherical-shell analysis in which central 'matter', supposedly 'goes-weightless' due to 'gravitational attraction' in relatively-outward 'shells'].

This 'funny' stuff constitutes Earth's, Sun's. etc., versions of the so-called 'black holes' 'event horizons' SSW<->UES-harmonics' 'containment' break-downs.

All of this stuff stands Verified via experiment and observation.

There exists no such thing as 'attractive gravity'.

There exist no 'black holes'.

Tapered Harmony goes on and on in this way, putting all of Physics on a New, more-functional, Foundation.

Other matter: I'd Hope of finding a place to live today, but it broke-down. I could afford it, but the folks who'd lived there had 14 cats, and I'm deadly-allergic to cats - although it's been superficially cleaned-up, I had a rx just walking through the place.

So I'm putting the dashed-hope into these Physics discussions.

Might as well salvage something Good with the energy that I'd gotten-aligned with Hope.

ken [K. P. Collins]

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"
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