Tapered Harmony, again

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I was wanting to be gender-independent in the snippet that I've left in-place, below, but I see that I failed to do so. When I first wrote the sentences, I used "'guyon the street'" in both instances, but then went back and, in "ladies-first" fashion, substituted "gal", and, because of subtlties in the information-content, the result is 'sexually-imbalanced' in a way that I Regret.

It was Genuinely-Inadvertant, as above - a simple "ladies-first" edit that was supposed to make everything gender-hunky-dory - but I Failed to, subsequently, read what I'd written.

I Apologize for my 'clumbsiness'.

There is really no excuse for it.

If you quote it, please use either "gal" or "guy" in both places, which will correspond to my intended gender-independence, which was with respect to the fact that, in matters of Science that ramify in the lives of folks in-general, Science must take the Lead on behalf of folks in-general.


K. P. Collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"
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    The 'gal on the street' doesn't have to work-through this stuff to get a handle on Directionality, but Science does. The 'guy on the street' depends upon us.

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