Holistic Perspectives on Neurochemistry?

Androgenised disturbance_1 at yahoo.com.nospam
Tue Jun 24 04:52:58 EST 2003

I have done a fair bit of personal research into how neurochemistry affects
human behaviour and how diet can alter this chemistry and therefore

However there are few resources (that I can find anyway) that give a
comprehensive insight into how diet can affect neurochemistry. eg: drinking
lots of milk promotes serotonin by providing lots of tryptophan etc. I am
particularly interested because I am allergic to milk and have hardly drank
any from infancy. Yet I have ended up much taller than my parents who both
drank it throughout childhood. (Less insulin by my minimal milk consumption
has resulted in greater levels of growth hormone?)

Apart from using the Pubmed or WebMD databases are there any other good
websites out there that give useful insights into
diet/lifestyle/neurochemistry relationships? Or even personal insights....

Thanks in advance,

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