German paper Die Welt covers microwave harassment!

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OH!!  For the information??? Your welcome!!!

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> Randomruminations wrote:
> > The reason the Soviets were beaming microwave energy at the embassy in
> > Moscow was to provide power for the numerous listening devices that were
> > embedded into the building during construction. It has long been known
> > microwave energy is the preferred method of wirelessly transmitting
> > Not only can the beam be easily focused, but the receiving antenna is
> > and most efficient.
> >
> > These listening devices consisted of a microphone, a small RF
> > and a power supply driven by the incident microwave energy. They were
> > cutting edge technology and difficult to detect, at the time, due to the
> > complete lack of external wiring and the less than adequate bug sweeping
> > equipment that was available. Nowadays, of course, they would be easy
> > pickens for just about any bug sweeper worth his or her salt.
> You don't know that; you are just speculating.  Conveniently and
> as it turns out.  The US government in fact devoted a lot of secret study
> determining what the Soviets were up to (for years, and without notifying
> embassy employees).  And you are assuming there is only *one* reason for
> microwave bombardment.  The Soviets at that time, at least in the open
> were apparently ahead of the US in the study of the behavioral effects of
> microwaves.  To pretend they knew nothing of the potential for behavioral
> and health effects is ludicrous.
> > I am sure Soviets would have loved the "harassment" bonus from this
> > technique, if it were a practical reality, but it wasn't. The microwave
> > sources of the time were crude devices by today's standards. The most
> > physiological effects of getting to close to the antenna were RF burns.
> Look up the health statistics of the former embassy workers.  Read some
> of the reports of the employees.  What sort of spy games do you think were
> being played, and what sort of tech do you think was used?  Americans love
> "Q," the spy who outfits James Bond, but they seem to think no other
> countries have similar people.  (And they seem to think that such
> technologies are never used to harass and repress the domestic
> population.)
> >
> >  There is, however, such a thing as a "pain ray"
> > http://www.rense.com/general10/pentagonray.htm, but it has only recently
> > been developed. Operating at 95 GHz it is, no doubt, greatly attenuated
> > walls or other solid objects. Not much good for harassing people inside
> > buildings.
> >
> > If you are really worried about RF consider that the human body is
> > at about 70 MHz- that would be around channel 4 or 5 of the television
> > broadcast band- and they transmit about 50,000
> > watts.............................................
> >
> You seem to have an agenda, and you do not know what you are talking
> about.  Gosh, someone with a microwave oven can harass a person
> in their home now, but those Soviet KGB agents never even thought about
> that sort of harassment against the US embassy in 1975 during the
> Cold War...
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