German paper Die Welt covers microwave harassment!

John Michael Williams jwill at AstraGate.net
Wed Jun 25 20:39:20 EST 2003

Hi Allen.

"Allen L. Barker" <alb at datafilter.com> wrote in message news:<bdbbij$ddp$2 at slb6.atl.mindspring.net>...
> [This is a significant article, in that a major paper in a Western
> country has covered and taken seriously the issue of microwave
> harassment. ...

I agree with you on the evaluation, and I think many of
the symptoms reported would be caused by microwaves.
Also, the police response, that such harassment would
be fantasy, is a predictable error of law enforcement.

One thing bothers me:  Why didn't anyone try to detect
the microwaves?  If from a mw oven, the 2.4 GHz radiation
should be detectible.   Any ideas?

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                     John Michael Williams

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