German paper Die Welt covers microwave harassment!

Randomruminations j29cm550mn7 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 26 01:19:42 EST 2003

I was going to mention that too, but forgot...........

Here you go------http://www.technika.com/Sper/s840024.htm

If the neighbor really did pull a magnetron out of an oven, bolt it to a
parabolic and aim it in your direction the above device will peg so hard
I'll bet the needle pops right out of the meter movement!!!

Only 43 bucks to find out if you're really on to something or just losing
your marbles.........................

I'm voting for the latter, Mad Hatter.

"John Michael Williams" <jwill at AstraGate.net> wrote in message
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> Hi Allen.
> "Allen L. Barker" <alb at datafilter.com> wrote in message
news:<bdbbij$ddp$2 at slb6.atl.mindspring.net>...
> > [This is a significant article, in that a major paper in a Western
> > country has covered and taken seriously the issue of microwave
> > harassment. ...
> I agree with you on the evaluation, and I think many of
> the symptoms reported would be caused by microwaves.
> Also, the police response, that such harassment would
> be fantasy, is a predictable error of law enforcement.
> One thing bothers me:  Why didn't anyone try to detect
> the microwaves?  If from a mw oven, the 2.4 GHz radiation
> should be detectible.   Any ideas?
>                          John
>                      jwill at AstraGate.net
>                      John Michael Williams

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