Alzheimer's and Education

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Fri Jun 27 05:34:00 EST 2003

With the Admission that I still don't
understand why the NPR 'report' was
Published, I'm going to stand on what
I posted.

It's clear that at least some folks are
taking a 'strong' anti-Religion position
with respect to the data, but it's also
clear that their position is not warranted
in the data as it stands - there was a
virtual absence of Necessary Controls
with respect to a 'strong' anti-Religion

I do find the Education connection
promising, but it's Definitely not the

So I also stand on my comments with
respect to Educational Opportunity
with respect to lower-Economic-spec-
trum folks.

Shorting them Educationally  is a Hugely-
short-sighted thing for 'society' to allow to
happen to itself - kind of like a 'societal'
"kick me" sign, and the underpinning
'thermodynamic' will.

It's 'funny' that NDT's understanding makes
all of this stuff crystal-clear, right down to
the molecular 'level' of nervous system
function and all the way up into the outer-
most realms of group-wise interactive
dynamics, but folks who do not compre-
hend NDT's stuff 'think' this remifications-
stuff is 'nothing'.

It's so Interesting to Exist in the midst of
such, Seeing both 'sides'.

Anyway, I also stand on my calls for further
Work re. this Alzheimer's/Education stuff.

Except for when I was not there to 'goose'
him with respect to proper nutrition, Dad
was clear-as-a-bell at ~94 - and he only
made it through 4th grade before he had
to quit school to support his Birth-Family.

It's why I so mourn the way he was Rail-
roaded into his Dying, which must've
been Exceedingly-Hard.

I Begged the 'judge' for Mercy on his

These last comments be-cause I've
sorted myself out in recent days.

What my 'spirit' requires of me is to
not-give-up, so I continue to maintain
an online presence.

It'll go either of two ways - someone will
'open the door' to NDT's understanding,
or I'll die, and the rest will be lost.

My 'job' is to just not-give-up - on the
Principle that Understanding NDT's
stuff is some Work, and I'm Obliged to
allow for such.

I feel Good about having attained this
simple Clarity.

It's been building for a long while, and,
looking backward, it's stuff is Evident in
my 'attitude'.

I've been trying to just not-Fail to 'hold-
open-the-door, and was 'Angry' that one
could've done what Needed to be done,
and nobody cared about how much the
doing 'cost' in terms of my Life, which is
pretty-much superfluous to others, but has
kind of left me 'ravaged'.

I've been 'taking-offense' at being dealt
with in what I experienced as an 'uncaring'
way - but it's 'hilarious' - it's the way I've
done =everything= my whole Life - grab
TSEOTS, and just do what needsed to
be done, working 'behind-the-scenes' so
as to spare others the Travail.

So, I've 'crossed a bridge' with respect to
this stuff. It's 'funny' how it happened. Basically
enlightenment came when I asked myself,
what reason do I have to care what this guy

And discovered that I'd no Reason :-]

So, it'll be the first, or the second, thing, above.

All I can do is not-give-up.

K. P. Collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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| | Its called the "Nun study".
| | [...]
| Hi Kim,
| I've been aware of that work, but the
| NPR report, this morning, was as if
| the Education connection was some-
| thing "new" - but the abstract noting an
| Education connection was from 1996?
| Seems I've 'gone-off-half-cocked'(?)
| I'm too tired just now, but I'll see what
| clarification I have to make, tomorrow,
| or the next day [when I can get around
| to it - still scrambling for shelter - and
| am going through 'growing-pains'-stuff
| over in comp.ai.philosophy - basically
| a repeat of what always happens, for a
| while, no matter where I go online -
| always makes my jaw hang down - an
| interesting Study - my own "Groundhog
| Day" stuff :-]
| Good to hear from you.
| Cheers, ken
| --
| "Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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