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It's not so clear-cut.

Any and all Learning enables a nervous system
to do stuff, using the 'same' energy throughput,
that it could not prior to the Learning.

The easiest case is to compare present-day
Science students with their counterparts
a couple of hundred years ago.

Both work hard, but present-day Students
can do stuff with the 'same' energy
expenditure, =in terms of problem-solving=,
that their historical counterparts could not do.

There's definitely a 'trade-off', though.

Present-day Students tend not to grasp
the 'big picture' - tend not to see fundamental

An example of the ramifications of such is
that, superficially, present-day Wars last
weeks, instead of years, but they tend
to 'simmer'-unresolved as in the Middle
East, and Korea, and, now, Iraq, and with
respect to other global 'angst' that's being
'dealt-with' via 'quickness' that never even
addresses the underpinning wellspring-
stuff - the Fundamentals.

Energy has been diverted into Learned
'expediences', at the cost of becoming
relatively 'blind' to the Big-Picture.

The same is True with respect to the
way 'specialization' occurs within 'modern'
Science - folks Learn their specializations,
but cannot See the Big-Picture.

In my own experience, I can do a lot of
work almost 'instantaneously' in Neuro-
science, but there's been a great-'cost'
in my 'personal-life' to attain that problem-
solving capacity.

So, with respect to individual nervous
systems, it's probably always in this
trade-off way.

With respect to Humanity as a whole,
however, it is clear-cut.

A Book Written enables all of Humanity
to Progress.

'Course, the Book must be read :-]

If you rephrase your question in terms
of Potential-Intelligence, it's also clear-

Potential-Intelligence and Actualized-
Intelligence are 'horses of a different
color' ["volitional diminishing-returns
decision" threshold, AoK, Ap7.]

I don't care to discuss further.

K. P. Collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

"J Zijlstra" <jw53z at xs4all.nl> wrote in message
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| Hello,
| I would like to know how I'm able to fasten up the communication in
| our brain or whole body. I'm sure humans can have way more faster
| brains than they have at this moment. And am I right if I say that
| humans are just like robots? I can imagine some things I would
| certainly improve like myself to an Zijlstra2000 or something... If
| computers can follow more's law why shouldnt we do so?
| Also a bit of fiction but Startrek also inspired much in society so
| anyone with awnsers? I just thought about it, but computers can be
| replaced by humans at one moment (programmed without intellectual
| concious ofcourse..)
| J. Zijlstra

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