Alzheimer's and Education

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KP_PC <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> writes
>These last comments be-cause I've
>sorted myself out in recent days.
>What my 'spirit' requires of me is to
>not-give-up, so I continue to maintain
>an online presence.
>It'll go either of two ways - someone will
>'open the door' to NDT's understanding,
>or I'll die, and the rest will be lost.
>My 'job' is to just not-give-up - on the
>Principle that Understanding NDT's
>stuff is some Work, and I'm Obliged to
>allow for such.
>I feel Good about having attained this
>simple Clarity.
>It's been building for a long while, and,
>looking backward, it's stuff is Evident in
>my 'attitude'.
>I've been trying to just not-Fail to 'hold-
>open-the-door, and was 'Angry' that one
>could've done what Needed to be done,
>and nobody cared about how much the
>doing 'cost' in terms of my Life, which is
>pretty-much superfluous to others, but has
>kind of left me 'ravaged'.
>I've been 'taking-offense' at being dealt
>with in what I experienced as an 'uncaring'
>way - but it's 'hilarious' - it's the way I've
>done =everything= my whole Life - grab
>TSEOTS, and just do what needsed to
>be done, working 'behind-the-scenes' so
>as to spare others the Travail.
>So, I've 'crossed a bridge' with respect to
>this stuff. It's 'funny' how it happened. Basically
>enlightenment came when I asked myself,
>what reason do I have to care what this guy
>And discovered that I'd no Reason :-]
>So, it'll be the first, or the second, thing, above.
>All I can do is not-give-up.
>K. P. Collins

Perhaps this needs a lot *more* working out.

If you expect to be taken seriously, I suggest you need to:

1. Stop capitalizing words idiosyncratically.
2. Stop hyphenating words idiosyncratically.
3. Show some respect for established conventions.

Have you sought professional advice on your current state of well-being?
David Longley

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