Physicists in dance

Victor Eijkhout victor at eijkhout.net
Mon Jun 7 05:34:05 EST 2004

Ed Jay <Medbj at aes-intl.com> wrote:

> Dr. Nicholson, Dr. Bass, Prof. Eijkhout: Your cues. ;-)

Sorry, was on travel while this exchange happened.

I'm not a physicist: mathematician / computer scientist. But I haven't
noticed that many physicists in dance. I do get an impression that you
find comparatively many engineering types in folk (square / contra)
dancing. (rec.folk-dancing added) That seems to relate to appreciating
the pattern-weaving that goes on there. Of course, as a phd-carrying
scientist I could then relate the presence of a caller to a perceived
difference in creative sophistication between engineering and science,
but I'll leave that one open.

Another consideration is that in ballroom you're likely to find
well-educated types because to sustain a stream of private lessons takes
a solid income.
V. "my .5czk worth"

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