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> thanks for the suggested article.  Just got it right now.  That is a
> remarkable experiment.
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> > Just a heads-up for those of you with access to Nature online - there is
> > a preprint by Pouille and Scanzani about work in hippocampal slices in
> > which they show that various inhibitory mechanisms kick in at different
> > times during the processing of afferent activity, and make some parts of
> > the dendritic tree active at stimulus onset, but other parts functional
> > during subsequent activity.
> >
> > So when a burst of activity is received, the soma and perisomatic
> > dendrites are inhibited but the apical dendrites are active, but shortly
> > afterwards the apical dendrites are inhibited and taken out of play.  As
> > the authors put it, "the onset of a series of action potentials and the
> > rate of action potentials in the series are selectively captured and
> > transformed into different spatial patterns of recurrent inhibition."
> >
> > Remarkable stuff!
> >
> >          Matthew.

This also makes the SHITS come CURSES co-motivated learning or basically
nonconscious acquisition of the AEVASIVE aspect of how we are (and how we
evolved) a still more obviously rational and science-aligned (or
scientifically underpinned) explanatory philosophical take (or percEPTive
position) on What Is going on.

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