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[Notice that this is a new way to *analyze* and *visualize* EEG data.
It does not involve new sensor technology, so there is really no new
information being gathered.  The new techniques just make better use
of the same sorts of data which have been available for decades.]


New Technique Developed At UCSD For Deciphering
Brain Recordings Can Capture Thinking As It Happens
By Sherry Seethaler

A team led by University of California San Diego neurobiologists has
developed a new approach to interpreting brain electroencephalograms,
or EEGs, that provides an unprecedented view of thought in action and
has the potential to advance our understanding of disorders like
epilepsy and autism.

The new information processing and visualization methods that make it
possible to follow activation in different areas of the brain
dynamically are detailed in a paper featured on the cover of the June
15 issue of the journal Public Library of Science Biology (plos.org)
The significance of the advance is that thought processes occur on
the order of milliseconds—thousandths of a second—but current brain
imaging techniques, such as functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
and traditional EEGs, are averaged over seconds. This provides a
“blurry” picture of how the neural circuits in the brain are
activated, just as a picture of waves breaking on the shore would be
a blur if it were created from the average of multiple snapshots.



Electroencephalographic Brain Dynamics Following Manually Responded
Visual Targets
Scott Makeig1, Arnaud Delorme, Marissa Westerfield, Tzyy-Ping
Jung, Jeanne Townsend, Eric Courchesne, Terrence J. Sejnowski

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