question regarding soy neurotoxicity and vitamin e derived fromsoy

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Here's some research I've found on soy:

? In 1991, Japanese researchers reported that consumption of as little as 30
grams (approx. 2 tablespoons) of soybeans per day for a one month resulted
in a significant increase in thyroid stimulating hormone.
? Soy consumption has been linked to numerous disorders, including
infertility, increased cancer, and infantile leukemia; and, in studies done
dating back to the 1950s, that genistein (the isoflavone in soy) causes
endocrine disruption in animals.
? In 1992 the Swiss health service estimated that 100 grams of soy protein
provided the estrogenic equivalent of the pill.
? The 1996 Puerto Rico Premature Thelarche study, found the most significant
dietary association with premature sexual development was not chicken- as
reported in the press- but soy formula.
? In1998 the New Zealand government had issued a health warning about soy
infant formula, but although the FDA called for safety specifications and
monitoring, they have never been performed.
? Genistein exerts estrogen-like effects in male mouse reproductive tract.
? There is a significant statistical relationship between two or more
servings tofu (soy) per week and "accelerated brain aging", and tofu eaters
look five years older
?  Mothers who eat a vegetarian diet during pregnancy (greater exposure to
phytoestrogens in soy foods popular with vegetarians) has a fivefold greater
risk of delivering a boy with hyposadias, a birth defect of the penis.

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> damned typos
> corected version
> "William A. Noyes"  This risk is non-existent with the small amounts
> of materials needed to make capsules from soy based materials.
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> > > the same neurotoxic risks that may be linked to eating soy products.
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